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Importing an MG into Italy

Midget and owner After three years spent in London I came back to Italy together with my Midget.
For about one year I used it with the british plates.
After that period I had to register it in Italy.
To do that I asked help to a garage in order to pass a sort of MOT.
The car was checked by the garage and apparently everything was ok ....but
it was not so...
It was rejected twice.

Here are the reasons:
During the first inspection the inspector noticed that there was no mention about the type of tyres.
It was explained to him that in the british registration card this item is not required.
I waited a week to change inspector...but during the second inspection the original british engine and the chassis numbers, clearly listed on the registration card and in my Midget instructions booklet were not accepted!

They therefore had to stamp a new "Italian" number for the chassis...and
this takes a while.

At the end of the story the entire registration process took me about six
months and about £600.

Alessandro Gradenigo 31020 S. Pietro di Feletto (TV)

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