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Have Rover a ‘Cunning Plan’ for the MGF in America?

We certainly hope so! We imported an MGF into Virginia, USA last September; as an exchange military officer it was possible to import the car temporarily under the provisions of our Status of Forces Agreement. To our delight, and now to the acclaim of the multitude of British sports car fans, we have been welcomed by the Tidewater MG Classic Owners Club, mobbed wherever we drive or park, and beseeched to join the many British Car meetings from North Carolina to Massachusetts.

We could have sold the car any times over; we have been rendered hoarse by hours explanation to questions and intense interest - and all the time at a loss to explain Rover’s marketing strategy. The love and loyalty clearly evident to the MG marque is enormous here in USA - mainly MGB fans, but including those ‘T’ and ‘Y’ fans too. Now it seems they all want to own a modern MG too.

A recent front page article in ‘USA Today’ highlighted the revival in sales fortune of sports cars in America. Sadly the article does not acknowledge the MGF, but concentrates on the move of loyalty from Miata/RX7 to the BMW Z3. Perhaps here lies the answer to the MGF marketing void.

Anyway, our MGF has given us several thousands miles of great pleasure, wonderful reflected glory and allowed us to make many new acquaintances. Great for us and our local Classic Car Club, but sad for Rover and sad for the multitude of American MG devotees.

We go off-line here on or about Monday 9 June; leave Virginia Beach on 21 June to tour around; sail from New York on 7 July and arrive in UK on 13 July. Due to a little local difficulty in getting our house back from our tenants, we do not as yet have a contact address in UK!!!

Beth & Derek Straw

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