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More British Cars Newsgroups

I recently submitted an RFD (Request-For-Discussion) to the Usenet Newsgroup moderators for the purpose of creating 3 new newsgroups:

These newsgroups would allow Brit-Car fans around the world to communicate easily with other like-minded individuals. If you (or other British car buffs that you know) are interested, please support the discussion and the CFV (Call-For-Votes) that will be taking place in the next few days. It is critical that we show support for these proposed new newsgroups.

Note: The RFD for the 3 groups was submitted jointly, however the CFV will likely take place based on 3 separate CFVs, so please watch for them.

To participate, simply monitor the "news.groups" newsgroup and voice your support. Your participation will be greatly appreciated !!

-Garry Spencer

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