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The ACEquip Championship
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Oulton Park - Aug 2nd

Once more we have pleasure including a race report from Alan Patterson, who, if you had not already ready realised, also drives a race car and gives us his account from the drivers seat.
We have some pictures of Allan in action, from an earlier round at Oulton Park

A shot of Alan Patterson entering the 'Old Hall' corner at Oulton Park
with the two blue cars in the background, of Andy Bentley and Mark Pruton.

Our second race in succession at the Oulton Park long circuit was greeted with another fine day. I had my car back from being repaired after my coming together with Jeff Culkin in the last race but only just .

"Ouch! That hurt!!"
" But you should have seen the other fella! This is the damage I suffered after my coming together with Jeff Culkin in my last race at Oulton Park."
Allan Patterson.
Oulton Park
I had been away on holiday and returned with five days to go to discover not much had happened to the car in the meantime. However a sterling effort by my sponsor Grosvenor Garage had it all fixed by Thursday night.

Despite having a months gap in between races I immediately felt good in the car and the circuit felt good. I was quickly into the mid 2min 15 seconds bracket and really felt confident through the quick corners at Island and Druids. Sure enough my time was quite quick giving me third on the grid behind Peter Harrison and Bill Hewitt. Ian Wright had taken a gamble on swapping his tyres around and did not like the feel of his car, he ended up sixth and would be a threat in the race as he had swapped his tyres uite a compliment to Oulton.

So to the race.
Normally at this time I start explaining about how bad a start I had however!, this time, it was actually my best start of the season! I only lost three places!!
However, I retook Richard Sapcote at Cascades and unintentionally (cold brakes!) retook Andy Bentley on the entry to Shell Oils. Fortunately Andy had decided I was too far back to attempt an overtaking manoeuvre and had left the door wide open, he said afterwards how impressed he was at the manoeuvre and I had to confess to being a pa ead changed six times. I played a bit of a waiting game as I could see this might end in tears and sure enough Peter having dropped to third from first made an ambitious manoeuvre to overtake Ian and Bill at the Knickerbrook chicane hitting Bill and spinning him temporarily out. I lost some ground avoiding Bill but quickly caught Ian as he continued to battle with Peter. I realised we were on the last lap (lap 8) and decided I was too far from Peter but could have a go at Ian into Lodge (the last corner) if I got a good run out of Druids.

John Hewitt continued his miserable season of luck with a broken half shaft on the line leaving Jon-Paul Ivey to fend off Ian Hodkinson both comfortably ahead of Robert Nettleton (nice to see you back Robert). Mark Ashworth stroked his way home four seconds ahead of Steven Cartwright, both twenty seconds ahead of Ian Alexander. One more win should sew up the Championship for Mark although technically Peter Harrison could still win if Mark fails to finish all the remaining races.
Both the Modified and Standard cars are fun to watch.
A good day out if you fancy it?

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As Allan has already mentioned, poleman John Hewitt ws left stranded on the grid, after a broken diff sent him back his pit sooner than he had expected! Hewitts expected front running position was taken on by John Paul Ivey, who came under some considerable pressure from Ian Hodkinson and his MGB. The apparent pressure which Hodkinson was applying to Ivey in the Midget, was too much, even for Hodkinson himself. He outbraked himself with just three laps to go as he went into 'Knickerbrook'. He manage to recover, but by this time Ivey was long gone!

Below is how they crossed the line

Cockshhot Cup (8laps)
1..John Paul Ivey...MG Midget
2..Ian Hodkinson..MGB
3..Robert Nettleton..Sprite
4..Andrew Storer..MG Midget
5..Mark Ashworth..MGB
6..Steve Cartwright..MGB

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