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From: Caroline & Martin on 15/10/1997 12:41

Hi All!!

Saddos that we are we've found a computer connected to the Net here at the Motor Show - so here's the report!

The MG Stand looks great, it has an Abingdon special edition which is a bit different from Gerry's car which was at Gaydon! (Much better IMHO!!!) It doesn't have the chrome wing mirrors and the chrome door handles have less chrome - only the actual handle itself is chrome not the surround. There are MG Logos on the kick plates and it has a new steering wheel with a coloured MG logo on the airbag cover (not retro-fittable unfortunately). Other differences include stainless steel grille and air intake vents (look great and will be avaiable to retro-fit later!) plus the tan hood and tan interior much as it was on Gerry's car. The only other difference was that Gerry's car had Union Jack stickers on the sides whereas the Abingdon doesn't.

We have picked up some EX-F posters and MG Carrier bags, and Martin looks resplendent in MG Car Club sweater and baseball cap so hopefully we'll have made a good impression!!

Caroline & Martin
Your MGF Register intrepid correspondents, Live!! from the Motor Show :-)


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