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Grand Rallye Around Britain 1998

The TC Motoring Guild, one of the oldest affiliates of the MG Car Club in the U.S., is planning another Grand Rallye Around Britain (GRAB) in the spring of 1998. This time the course will cover South England, Devon, Cornwall, Wales and the Cotswolds and will last three weeks beginning on May 13th. The tour will consist of 12 couples, all in MG 'TCs', and all anxious to meet and greet MG (especially T-Type) enthusiasts along the route. Our current itinerary can be seen the event's special Webpage at

Also posted at that site will be all of the the hotels where the group will be staying in hopes that local MGers will stop by for a 'natter & noggin' when we are in your area. For more information, please visit our Webpage or contact us by Email at

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