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Long promised, but here it is-some news from me and M.G. Car Club Danish Centre West.

I think 1995 was a good year for many members of the club, because we tried/added some new activities. I have for many years tried to get people to travel in their M.G.s, but until this year it has only come to a visit to Silverstone, or I took some friends and went to foreign in a little group. This has changed this year as you will see in the M.G.C.C. DCW news letter enclosed.

At the home front I have succeeded in finishing the Frogeye for Hella this winter-spring, well, it was actually finished in June! We had planned to go in 2 cars to the Jubilee in Holland, but the Frogeye was finished a week too late! Instead we put 5 people (3 children) in a BGT and 2 in MGA, and off we went to Holland! It rained Friday and Saturday, and I don't know if it was the rain or something else, but it was not a happy meeting (no-one has talked about it afterwards, you know).

So I was quite busy during this period, and during the summer I started rebuilding a part of the house and I hope to finish it to December. I actually took a day off to write all the letters which should have been written for quite a while!

Next year I will do nothing, just drive around and have nice days with the M.G.s and M.G. people!

Our calendar for next year looks like this:

3rd-4th May
M.G.s in Copenhagen 1996 (BIG EVENT we are all working on it).

11th May
Erhus-Odder Rally

16th May
Jysk-Fynsk Autojumble in Gjern 1996 (all cars clubs invited).

8th June
Esbjerg Rally (5 minutes drive from GB, 18 hours sailing).

28th-30th June
Summer Tour around Skagen, the "top" of Denmark. It will be together with the big 3 days "Skagen Folk Music Festival".

3rd-4th August
Randers-Djursland Rally and Race Weekend. Danish Centre West will make a competitive rally which ends at the race track "Ring Djursland". Here we will join the Danish Centre and there race event called "Danish Sportscar Weekend" including race and other auto trails on Saturday and Sunday.

31st August
M.G. - Austin-Healey Rally (Southern part of the country)

5th October
Night Rally on the island Fyn

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