Road Fund Tax

Historic Vehicles

As part of the Chancellor's Budget in 1998, exemption from Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) for vehicles over 25 years of age will be replaced by exemption for vehicles constructed before 1st January 1973.

This replaces the 25 year rolling exemption date. Unless there is another law change, those of you with 1973 cars will always have to pay Road Fund Tax.

Qualifying vehicles constructed before 1st January 1973 and currently licensed in the "25 Year Exempt" taxation class will now be licensed in the new HISTORIC VEHICLE taxation class and remain exempt from VED.

If you have a vehicle that you believe was constructed in or before 1/1/73 you should obtain proof of construction date.

You can get a letter from BMIHT by sending them the appropriate fee and a copy of your V5 or if you already have a Heritage certificate this will suffice.

Address it to
Archive Department,
British Motor Industry Heritage Trust
Heritage Motor Centre
Banbury Road
Gaydon, Warks
CV35 0BJ

You can then apply to your local Vehicle Registration Office (using form V10) to license in the exempt Historic Vehicle class. For your local Vehicle Registration Office look up "Transport, Department of" in your telephone directory.

Further details from:

Customer Enquiries (Vehicles) Unit
DVLA, Swansea SA9 1BL
Tel: 01792 772134 (minicom 01792 782756)
call between 8:15 am and 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday

See also proving your age

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