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Rpi Engineering (formerly Roverpart) have been specializing in the Rover V8 engine, for in excess of 15 years, our accumulated knowledge is, we believe second to none, due to the many thousands of V8 engines supplied, fitted and the huge array of Vehicle types and applications that have taken advantage of the fantastic all alloy engine.

We have attempted to make the site as informative as possible, so that everyone from the novice to the most experienced engine builder can fully understand. We always welcome feedback from customers so should you have any suggestions on how to improve our Web pages please do not hesitate to contact us. Also please check back often as these pages are constantly updated for your best information.

Chris Crane, Proprietor <>

Rpi Charter

Rpi Engineering has many many customers and dealings throughout Europe and the entire world, we regularly ship our Engines Spares and components to all corners of the globe, we also have dealings with many companies, in many countries and regions that can assist closer to home for our customers with our products or advice Although Rpi engineering specialize in the Range Rover, Rover Engine's, Rover Marques, and all associations of these, we are always happy to assist with obtaining any products that are scarce, difficult to obtain or just far too expensive in your own Country or region, this is achievable through our many dealings with specialist Automotive suppliers and manufacturers, not only in Europe but throughout the World.

Almost all of our stock items and products are detailed on our web pages, If you have any special requirements or further question please feel free to contact me at any time. If your requirement is for A V8 engine, or parts for the same, but are unsure of the best direction to go, or from whom to take advise, please remain assured that I have personally assisted many thousands of Customer's to date on this very same and sometimes seemingly daunting subject. As a result, and due to the many variations in application and use (it's been around for over 30 years) of this engine I have gained quite a wide understanding not only for the common failings and shortfalls, but also A positive insight of the easily available advantages that can be obtained by careful consideration of your requirements, driving style, and vehicle type (Ok Budget as well) although this may require a few 'Too & Throw', e-mails or Fax's, I will be happy to offer you my best advice and personal attention at all times.

3.9 V8 with Weber shoe-horned in there

Now for the trick - the bonnet shuts and there is no bulge!

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