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MGs Across America

London based specialist film company, British Car Films, have just launched a two part documentry video production 'MGs Across America'. The videos celebrate 50 years of MGs in America and together are about 100 minutes long. Filmed over a two year period, coast to coast, the videos provide a unique visual record of MGs in the USA.

Part 1: History and Racing.

Part 1 focuses on MG History and MG Racing. It includes a large ammount of very rare archive footage, not before relaesed on video. Footage includes the first ever Grand Prixs from Watkins Glen in 1948 & 1949, both of which predominatly featured MG TCs. There is also newsreel footage of the MG Land Speed Record attempts at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah from the the 1950s. There are also some exclusive interviews with some of the early MG racing drivers. The video follows the Marques racing success throughout the 60s and 70s, featuring MGBs and Midgets.

Part 2: Shows, Passion and Glorious Cars

The Americans have a graet passion for the MG marque, and this video focuses on this passion. Apart from the many cars that are kept in original condition, there are many highly modified MGs, including an 'electric MGB' and a 'stretched' MGB, which has to be seen to be believed!. Other highlights include a tour around the private MG Museum of Gerry Gougens, which includes some of the rarest MGs in the world. If your into collecting models,then you have to see the collection of Michael Sarvas, who has his basement overflowing 2000+ examples of MG models. In 1996 the biggest gathering of MGs in the USA was held at INDY, this event is well covered in the video. There is also some rare glimpses of the MGF on the American Highway, shot while the car underwent evaluation in the US!

These two videos are possibly the best videos I have seen in a very long time, and I can assure you that you will not be dissapointed with the content or the quality of production.

Kelvin Fagan

For more information on ordering contact:

Ordering from the USA
The tapes are available in the US NTSC format.

The US telephone number (toll-free 24 hours US only) is 1-800-454-8341.
The US address is: British Car Films, PO Box 520, Grover, MO 63040, USA

Part 1 ($19:95 +$4:95 S&H)
Part 2 ($19:95 +$4:95 S&H)
Part 1 & Part 2 (100 minutes) together $34:95 +$4:95)

US customers can pay either by credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD only) or by cheque in US$ made payable to British Car Films.

Ordering from the UK and ROW
British Car Films
PO Box 13862,
N4 3WB

Credit card 24 hour hotline 0171 281 4777
or Fax to 0181 374 4852

Or send a cheque or postal order to above address

Each Video costs £10.99 (+£1.90 P&P)
Set of Two costs £19.99 (+£1.90 P&P)


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