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Blowing in the wind, not for everyone enjoyable.

Aram bv / Sisa Design nv is manufacturer of the Sisa windstop for the convertible. We would like to inform you about our product.

Get rid of the irritating whirlwinds you experience when driving at more than a snail's pace. The top can be let down, sooner and longer! The Sisa windstop makes driving your convertible a more pleasant experience. With the Sisa windstop bad wheaterforcasts will not affect your driving pleasure. You will be able to drive with the top down up to 50% more often. Even during sunny winterdays, as the warm air from your car heater will not be whirled immediately out of your car.

The Sisa windstop consists of a poly-carbonate pane, placed in an aluminium frame. The measurements of the pane have been determined by tests taken in a windtunnel.

The windstop uses existing fixtures in your MG-B or other car for installation, this means no drilling or other adaptations!

The mounting of the windstop, as well as the removal, is fast and easy.

A leatherette storage bag will also be delivered in case the windstop is temporarely removed from your car.

For futher information, please phone, fax or e-mail us.

An offer like this should not be left blowing in the wind!

Gerard Mijling <>
Sisa Design,Hornikswei 79,4464 AT Goes Holland.
Tel.0031 113 230200 Fax.0031 230180

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