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The M.G. Drivers Club, North America's first MG organisation to accept all models of MG, held it's first anniversary celebration at "Drive-in #2" in Stowe, Vermont on September 17-20, 1998. The Club also announced the recipient of it's annual "M.G. Drivers Club Cecil Kimber Enthusiast Award", named with the kind permission of Jean Kimber Cook daughter of MG's founder after her father.

The 1998 M.G. Drivers Club Cecil Kimber Enthusiast Award is presented to Gerry McGovern, Chief Designer of Rover Group and head of the design team that created the MGF. "The work of Mr. McGovern, and his team, led to the rebirth of MG as a classic two seat British sports car. That this first totally new MG since 1962 became an instant sell out, from the day it first came off the production line in July 1995, shows that the MG marque is truly back! Gerry McGovern, like Cecil Kimber in MG's earliest days, has designed a motorcar that perfectly appeals to those who want a car that is fun to drive and that also appeals emotionally to it's owner. To the "father" of the modern MG sports car the M.G. Drivers Club is proud to award it's 1998 "M.G. Drivers Club Cecil Kimber Enthusiast Award", said Richard Miller, Director of the Club.

The award was announced at a Member's and Guest Reception held during "Drive-In #2", at the Golden Eagle Resort in Stowe Vermont on Saturday September 19th. The actual presentation of the award will be made to Mr. McGovern in the United Kingdom, during a ceremony at the British Heritage Industry Motor Centre in Gaydon, Warwickshire on Monday November 2nd, while a tour group the M.G. Drivers Club is participating in the group's "MG Heritage Tour of the UK" from October 29th to November 7th.

Gerry McGovern attended Coventry University and obtained a masters degree, in automotive design, at the Royal College of Art. Early in his career he worked for the Chrysler Corporation both in the UK and North America. After Chrysler sold it's European operations to Peugeot Mr. McGovern joined his former boss Roy Axe at the then Austin-Rover Company. One of his main projects in the mid 1980's was the famous MG EX-E concept car for the 1985 Frankfurt Motor Show. He then worked on several two seat sports car designs that eventually became the MGF, launched at the Geneva Motor Show in March, 1995. McGovern's team most recently created the very successful new Land Rover Freelander that will come to North America in late 2000. Any future MG will also come from the talented mind and eye of Gerry McGovern and his Rover Group design team.

For all of these obvious reasons Gerry McGovern is the ideal person to receive the M.G. Drivers Club Cecil Kimber Enthusiast Award for 1998.

For additional information contact: The M.G. Drivers Club at 18 George's Place Clinton, New Jersey 08809-1334. Phone/Fax 908-713-6251

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