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The Brooklands MGF Day
Sunday 15th November 1998

What is it?

It is the opportunity for everyone with an F to turn up and talk 'cars'! We have invited all the manufacturers and traders to come and join us to provide something of a 'Motorshow' air to the proceedings. You'll be able to talk to friends about modifications and accessories- and to tell the traders what YOU think and what YOU want.

What will be happening?

Well, apart from the trade fair (plenty of chances to buy toys for your pride and joy!) we are negotiating the use of the Hill Climb :o) and of the conference facilities where a guest speaker will be telling us how to get the best from a K-series engine.
Also, if you have items to sell (there IS a market for standard stuff that you've removed from your car) bring 'em along as an impromptu MGF autojumble!

There is a web page where all the updates will be published... And as the companies confirm their attendance at the show, I'll Put their logo on the Brooklands MGF day Web site.

How much will it cost?

Entry on the day will be £6 per MGF. If you attend in any other type of vehicle, then unfortunately you'll be charged an extra £3 per person. But why would want to do that?

The traders are being charged a nominal £50 per stall holding for the whole day (goes to the Brooklands Museum's upkeep fund): if you want to set up a stall and sell your companies wares, then please let me know so that we can send out applications and information etc.

We are also engaging the support of ALL the clubs with an interest in the MGF. If this year's event is a success, then there is a good possibility that the same format could make a reappearance next year. The success or otherwise of this event depends on all of us making it a success. I think that it is going to be a big show, and enormous fun- to find out if I'm right, come along and find out for yourselves!

If you want to help, have suggestions etc. drop me an e.mail <robert.bell@ucl.ac.uk>

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