Midget 1500 Overdrive Conversions

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Midget 1500 Overdrive Conversions

This month is the 10th anniversary of launching the Midget 1500 overdrive conversions.

Nottingham MG Centre offer the full conversion service but the DIY kit at £85 +VAT is still the most popular way of conversion and an excellent way of keeping the costs down.

Overdrive adds 2 extra gears to the Midget - giving O/D 3rd and 4th, reducing the rpm by 20% for any given road speed. This improves economy, reduces wear etc etc... and makes for a much better and enjoyable drive because the engine isn't screaming away.

The kit includes everything to get the O/D gearbox installed including illustrated, step by step, lead you by the hand instructions.

Nottingham MG Centre say that most owners think it's the best money they have ever spent on their Midget.

Tel 0115 9615283, Fax 01159 611493, Email Nottmmg@aol.com

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