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Extract from the Summer issue of The Log Book from the MG Drivers Club

A & C Leaders Retire

Tom Boscarino, founder and president of the American MGC Register, retired from the position he has held for 20 years on May 1st. Tom, started the C-Register while still a New York City public school teacher during the fall of 1979. He has been succeed as president of the C-Register by Keith Sanders of Pensacola, FL.

At almost the same time Len Bonnay of the North American MGA Register turned over the reigns of leadership to David T. Smith of Holt, MI, his long time vice chairman.

Len was the fifth chair of the A-Register, taking office in 1993. In his non-MG life he is career education administrator in Ontario, Canada. During his time in office the A-Register celebrated its twentieth birthday and grew substantially in membership. David Smith, the new chair is a retired Michigan state police officer and an enthusiastic vintage racer.

To Tom and Len great happiness; to Keith and David good wishes as they assume the leadership of the C and A Registers.

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