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Classic Sports Car Festival
Brands Hatch - October 2nd and 3rd
Organised by the MG Car Club

The Classic Sports Car Festival was first discussed in the bar of a local Brands Hatch pub just a year ago. It was intended to bring as many British national sports car Championships as possible together in an end of season meeting - and by its very timing it became the last race of the millennium for many spectators and competitors.

Weather conditions were excellent on Saturday for the practice and Endurance races. A cool autumn day with wintery sunshine followed an early morning shower. The main race day, Sunday, was a different affair, with cloud and heavy showers requiring some skillful driving, as at times part of the course was wet and part dry. There were 15 races on Sunday. We have only shown the results of races where MG's contended.

Any of the images below can be expanded by clicking on them. Photographs copyright Kelvin Fagan, 1999.

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Race 1 - MGF Abingdon Trophy / Halfords Midget / Hanks and Gibson Trophy for T Types & MMM

12 laps.
Road going MGFs. Road going Midgets.
Class D: modified T types, Class E: race, Class F: MMM cars.

161CBob WalkerMG Midget12:45.299
282BMalcolm GammonsMGF12:45.522
399CPeter HallAH Sprite12:46.201
460CTim HutchinsonMG Midget12:55.891
56BAdrian OlssonMGF13:01.916
69APaul KershoreMGF13:02.982

Fastest lap: 1:00.487, Malcolm Gammons MGF

Race 3 - Moss International BCV8 (Class A and B) and Cockshoot Cup (Class C and D)

12 laps. For MGB, MGC and V8s.
Class A: Standard MGB, MGC
Class B: Road modified MGB, MGC, standard MGB GT V8 and RV8
Class C: Standard cars MG and AH Sprite
Class D: Modified cars MG and AH Sprite (no V8s)

174DArto KesterlianMGB11:23.707
260DRob GriffithsMG Midget11:24.822
388DMike PetersMG Midget11:37.063
451BRussell McCarthyMGB11:43.369
51BSpencer McCarthyMGB11:45.478
635BBob HuffMGB11:56.039

Fastest Lap: 55.328 Rob Griffiths, MG Midget

Race 4 - Drayton Manor Park MG Metro Cup

12 laps.
Class A: Standard MG 1100/1300 and MG Metros
Class B: Modified MG 1100/1300. MG Metros and Standard MG Metro Turbos
Class C: Modified MG Metro Turbo

133CChris HughesMG Metro Turbo12:12.494
296CDick TrevettMG Metro Turbo12:18.536
348BW De La RiviereMG Metro12:20.602
416CJason BurgessMG Metro Turbo12:26.961
514CMark BellamyMG Metro12:33.015
61BBon WelchMG Metro12:29.775

Fastest Lap: 59.526, Chris Hughes MG Metro Turbo

Race 6 - BCV8 Classes C & D & Halford Midgets (Class A and B).

12 laps.
Class A: Fully modified cars
Class B: Race modified cars
Class C: Full race MGB 4 cylinder and MGC and controlled 3.9 V8s
Class D: Full race MGB V8

183DPeter CollisMGB V810:44.670
212ALaurence CutlerMG Midget10:47.241
37ADavid Brooker CareyMG Midget10:51.298
44APeter MayMG Midget10:53.857
515APaul SibleyMG Midget11:04.474
674CPeter HallMGB GT V811:10.422

Fastest lap: 52.814 Peter Collis, MGB V8

Race 7 - Flemings Thoroughbred Sports Car Championship.

12 laps.
Class A: Standard cars up to 4.5 litres
Class B: Standard cars over 4.5 litres and road modified cars up to 2 litres
Class C: Road modified cars 2 litres to 4.5 litres
Class D: Road modified cars over 4.5 litres and all race modified cars

177DPeter FosterAston Martin DB411:08.428
241DHoward BrearleyTVR Tuscan11:09.962
362DBill GoodallAston Martin DB411:22.608
476DMartin AngleAston Martin DB411:22.608
58CChris RandallJaguar E Type11:25.056
671DRoger ArveschougTVR Griffith11:26.167

Fastest lap: 54.497 Peter Foster, Aston Martin DB4
Highest placed MG - Roy McCarthy, MGA 8th (11:29.770)

Race 10 - MGCC Anglia Phoenix Championship.

12 laps.
Class A: Modified cars on slicks
Class B: Moddified cars on road tyres
Class C: Road going MGA, MGB, MGC, T types, MG 1100/1300. Midgets, Sprites on road tyres
Class E: Modified Metros and Metro Turbos on slicks

15ADon KettleboroughMGF11:34.421
22ARoy McCarthyMGA11:37.421
394AArto KesterlianMGB11:52.839
481ARussell McCarthyMGB11:57.636
555BBarry Sidery SmithMGB12:04.332
64BJohn SpencerMG Midget12:12.396

Fastest lap: 55.424 Don Kettleborough MGF

Race 12 - Classic Sports Car Festival Trophy.

12 laps.
For classic sports cars complying with the FIA historic eligibility regulations or respective MSA approved Championship Regulations.
Class A: up to 1300cc
Class B: 1300-1600cc
Class C: 1600-2000cc
Class D: over 2000cc

155CBarry Sidery SmithMGB12:12.517
242DJohn HarrisonSunbeam Tiger13:30.226
343DChris LawrenceMorgan + 813:30.510
437DJustin MaeersTR313:32.353
546APaul MorganGinetta G1513:32.779
610CJim LowryMGB13:37.881

Fastest lap: 1:04.417 John Harrison, Sunbeam Tiger

Race 13 - Marque Team Challenge Race.

Reduced to 10 laps. 3 car teams.
MGF was represented by Don Kettleborough, Annie Templeton and Malcolm Gammons.
Midget was represented by Edward Reeve, Stephen Draycott and Richard Perry.
MGB was represented by George Noble, Mark Rayment and Ron Gee.
MG V8 was represented by Ronald Watt and Nick Parrott.

15BDon KettleboroughMGF10:15.846
288CJoe HendersonTR510:27.898
39AEdward ReeveMG Midget10:28.919
472DJamie BootTVR Griffith10:36.556
542IRod BirleySunbeam Tiger10:47.261
671DRoger AverschougTVR Griffith10:50.389

Fastest lap 1:00.369 Edward Reeve - MG Midget

Race 14 - All Comers Handicap Race.

Reduced to 10 laps.

112Geoffrey FinlayPorsche 9969:36.979
249John EdwardsPorsche 91110:04.623
31Richard LloydMorgan + 810:34.751
488Joe HendersonTR510:38.843
534Martin BarrowJaguar E Type9:47.231
635Rob HuffMGB9:59.050

Fastest lap 55.736 Geoffrey Finlay -Porsche 996
Handicap result: 1st Richard Line, 2nd Rikki Cann, 3rd Ron Gee, 4th Dawn Marie Turner, 5th Mike Harris, 6th Stuart Musk.

Race 15 - The Abingdon Classic Cup Pit Stop Race.

Reduced to 10 laps. For all comers with two drivers. Driver change must be made after 2nd and before the 8th lap.
Class A: Cars on road tyres
Class B: Cars on slicks

134BBarrow/ConnelJaguar E Type11:54.011
213AHewitt/PetersAH Sprite11:55.478
515APepper/TBAFord Mustang12:14.874

Fastest lap 1:01.926 Barrow/Connel - Jaguar E Type

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