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February 6th, 2000

Oh No - Six More Weeks of Winter......And Still Time to Save at LBCarCo

Ground Hog day has come and gone and "St. Lucas" was up to his old tricks as usual and his prediction was wrong ;( Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and we are in for six more weeks of white stuff. But all is not lost with the great savings at LBCarCo. The Moss "Millennium" sale runs through February 18, 2000 and now that we have six extra weeks to work on our LBC's take advantage of these great LOW Prices from LBCarCo!! So you can now SEE what is on sale we have added Acrobat PDF files of each sale flyer for your convenience. You can view (and enlarge), download and even print these images. Remember the LBCarCo price is even LOWER than the sale flyer price.

When you order try our QuickCartT I think you will find this new addition a great time saver and very easy to use! Find us at www.LBCarCo.com

Don't forget you can still save on the Oil Cooler Shroud until 2/18, it is only $9.95. This is a can't miss item if you drive your Oil Cooler Equipped LBC during the winter months. You can find this item on our special page.

Do you have a space problem in your garage, is your garage too small for your LBC's? Rather than build a new one, try the CarSkates, these great items can allow you to move your LBC in any direction in your garage so you can fit more cars into the same space. At only $160 for a set of 4, yes that is FOUR of them, they can't be beat! Check it out on our Specials Page along with all the other items that you will love to have.

Another item that is great is the LOGO tyre valve covers. Until the 18th of February you can find many of these on sale for only $11.86 for a set of FIVE! I have seen these priced at over $21.95 at other suppliers and get this that was for a set of only four. Select part number 215-835 for MG, 215-840 for TR and 215-850 for Jaguar.

Don't forget we are looking for Tech Tips to add to our website and also include one each week in our News/Sale E-mailing. Each Tech Tip that is published will receive a $10.00 purchase credit from LBCarCo on anything we sell. E-mail us those tech tips now, you never know when your tip can help out another LBC'er.

This weeks Tech Tip is from John Black! - Thanks John

When I first bought my TR7, I found that that the steering shaft bushing was bad. It seemed like a straight forward job. I disconnected the steering shaft and attempted to insert the new bushing into the firewall only to discover that it was almost impossible to insert the bushing into the small opening.

It then suddenly occurred to me that if I could make the bushing a bit more pliable than the job would be much easier. I took the bushing into my kitchen, wrapped it in a paper towel and then placed in the microwave. I microwaved it for about 45 seconds, This made the bushing hot and pliable enough to make it's insertion a simple matter. One tip: be careful the nylon material in the bushing gets really. Wear gloves.

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