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March 4th, 2000

Upholstery Sale Continues - Featured Product - Chicago Swap Meet - Tech Tip

At Little British Car Co. (LBCarCo) you can always save on all your purchases for your LBC's. Right now we are running the Moss Upholstery Sale where you can save some nice dollar$ when you purchase your Moss interior items from LBCarCo. Check out our website and you will see the savings immediately on all the products we offer. This sale only runs to the last weekend of this month so take advantage of it now! http://www.LBCarCo.com

Featured Product of the Month

Our Featured Product this month is MG related and is a premium Tyre Valve Cap and they are VERY NICE! They are forged in solid brass in an 8-sided mold made specifically for the MG logo, then machined, polished one at a time by hand, and finally chrome plated. And GET THIS, the MG logo is in deep relief, crowning the 8-faceted side.

The laborious manufacturing process makes them more expensive than other logo caps, but they are worth it! They are just plain nice and of the highest quality.

One other thing you can do with these caps (very much like the dashpot caps we offer) is to add paint in the recess. Dip the top of each cap in whatever color paint your MG is, then wipe the high spots with a laquer thinner dampened rag, and voila, The Cap's MG logo is now custom colored to match your MG. SUPER!

Suggested retail for these caps is $19.95 for a set of 4, but Little British Car Co, has purchased a large lot at a promo price. For March only, we are offering them for only $13.50 for a set of 4. SAVE $6.45 NOW!! You can also get a set of 5 or by them individually. This price will NOT happen again, so don't miss it! Check our site TODAY for all the details on the really Octagonally NEAT item.


Last weekend Jan and I drove the ZB Magnette to Chicago for the first major swap meet of the season. Boy what a great feeling it was to be back in the swing of things with the feeling that the LBC season is just around the corner. The weather was great and the sun was out! There were hundreds and hundreds of LBC Enthusiasts there enjoying all the great items at the swap meet. We had the opportunity to meet many new folks and saw several old friends while we were there. If you did not get the opportunity to attend this event put it on your calendar for next year.

Tech Tips

This weeks Tech Tip is from Dale Romanuk! - Thanks Dale ($20.00 will be credited to your LBCarCo account)

Hi, I would like to submit a tech tip and also say that your new tip column is a terrific idea! This is for all the unfortunate people who have to put their LBC to rest in the winter months. As most people know, it is recommended that a car in storage be started and run on a regular basis over the winter. But for those without the luxury of a heated garage (or no garage at all) this can prove to be a problem. To make starting easier, I placed a 100W light bulb (trouble light) in between the carburetors for about ten minutes to warm the carbs. A couple of cranks with the choke out later and I was hearing that familiar British exhaust again. I hope this tip will help some people fire up their LBC's if only for a little while.

Dale Romanuk

P.S. I purchased an MG chrono watch at Christmas time and would like to say that I was very pleased with the quality, price and quickness of delivery. The shortbread was great too. (Thanks Dale, glad you were happy with the watch and service and of course the little treat....Jeff)

Remember you can earn a $20 purchase credit for each tip that is published in our weekly mailing. Please send your tech tips to me at LBCarCo@LBCarCo.com, put the words Tech Tip in the subject line please. If you don't currently have an account with LBCarCo you can still submit a tech tip. We will provide your credit of $20.00 any time you should purchase something online from LBCarCo. Keep those TIPS coming!

Have a great week and we do hope you will visit our website. Oh Yes don't forget that if you would like LBCarCo to attend one of your clubs shows during the summer please send us a note and we will see how it fits into our schedule.

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