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March 27th, 2000

Last week for Upholstery Sale and Out Special of the Month deals


This week brings to a close the Moss Upholstery Sale, so if you are looking to get a new seat of seat covers, panels, carpet, don't miss this opportunity as the sale ends this weekend. See our website for all the details and a Adobe PDF file of the Sale Catalog. Remember you always will save some extra hard earned dollars at the Little British Car Co. http://www.LBCarCo.com

MG PREMIUM TYRE VALVE CAP - This Months Featured Product

This weekend also marks the end of our promotion of the month. Check it out on our Specials Page and save now on this beautiful Chrome finished Tyre Valve Caps. They are on SPECIAL for only $13.50 for a set of FOUR or $17.00 for a set of FIVE. Come Monday they will revert back to their regular pricing!!!! http://www.LBCarCo.com


Also remember that through the rest of March you can save on Shipping in the Continental USA on the purchase of any of our Moto-Lita Steering Wheels and Hubs. This is in addition of course to our already VERY LOW price on these UK Handmade wood and leather steering wheels. Check out our website and you can see how these fine crafted steering wheels are made. http://www.LBCarCo.com

DEALS TO COME - LBCarCo Works for YOU!

As I mentioned last week my trip to the UK was very interesting. Not only due to the fact of being there when the Rover deal was announced, but I met with several suppliers and in the next few weeks I will be putting together some really nice money saving programs for our customers to take advantage of just in time for the LBCing season. Watch for information to come, it may be as soon as the end of this week. Stay Tuned!!!


For folks planning on attending this exciting Silver Anniversary NAMGAR (North American MGA Register) event this July, remember that the early registration ends on March 31, 2000. Beginning April 1, late registration fees will apply. So don't delay as they say, register today. Visit the NAMGAR website at www.mg-cars.org.uk/namgar for more information on the GT including a downloadable registration form. For those of you that are NOT members of this very active MGA group, take a few minutes and visit the website. NAMGAR membership is very reasonable and the MGA! Magazine is one of the great benefits of membership.


This weeks Tech Tip is from John Hubbard! - Thanks John ($20.00 will be credited to your LBCarCo account)

I found an easy solution to a cosmetic problem, with the answer right under my nose, so to speak. Starting with the '68 model, MGBs had the horn push on the left stalk and the windshield washer push on the right stalk. The end of the stalks were capped with small chrome domes. Sometime later, MG changed to a black plastic dome on the ends. On my '68 GT, the dome on the left stalk had rusted, and I'm sure that roadsters would be more vulnerable to rust on both stalks. I found that Moss part number 472-385, Cap Cover, small, which is for GT hatch supports, is an identical replacement part for the stalk dome.

To replace, unscrew the dome from the end of the stalk. The plastic threaded part with the electrical contact will come out with the dome pressed onto the end. Carefully pry the old dome off the plastic part. Using a socket that is just the size to press the edge of the dome, plus a layer of cloth to prevent scratching, tap the new dome onto the plastic. Screw it back into the stalk and the job is done.

I have taken some pictures of the process and posted them on my web site. You can see them at http://users.digitalexp.com/~users/ehubbard/stalk_domes.htm.

Regards, John Hubbard

Remember you can earn a $20 purchase credit for each tip that is published in our weekly mailing. Please send your tech tips to me at LBCarCo@LBCarCo.com, put the words Tech Tip in the subject line please. If you don't currently have an account with LBCarCo you can still submit a tech tip. We will provide your credit of $20.00 any time you should purchase something online from LBCarCo. Keep those TIPS coming!

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