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As a long time member of the MG Car Club, Robin Mace of Callington in Cornwall has been collecting for most of his life and a large proportion of his time has been dedicated to M.G. cars and associated memorabilia.

Having taken early retirement, he has decided to share some of his rarest literary collection with fellow enthusiasts.

Hot off the printing press will be delights such as early prints of original paintings of M.G.s in action by artists such as Gordon Crosby, Bryan de Grineau and Connolly.

These prints will be very accurate reproductions and will convey the beautiful tones of the original pictures using the latest technology.

The first to marketed will be issued as a series of twelve and will later be followed by a further set.

Other plans for reprints will include rare sales brochures, factory publicity booklets, confidential service information and The M.G. Magazine, first published by the M.G. Car Club in 1932.

This is possibly your only opportunity to enjoy these pre-war M.G.s in action as the original material very rarely appears on the open market and even if it did, few of us could afford it. For example, an original M.G. Magazine, priced 6d in good condition will fetch £100 today!

Robin is indebted to the kind co-operation of the M.G.Car Club and the Quadrant Picture Library (part of the Reed Business Publishing Limited) enabling this project to get off the ground.

Full details of this exciting venture can be found at this site.

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