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8th January 2002


MG announce today (January 8), details of the new MGTF - successor to Britain's best selling MGF sports car that it will replace in February 2002 and styled by MG Rover Group's renowned designer Peter Stevens. The TF has evolved from the popular MGF and features a new exterior appearance, an all-new suspension design, higher performance engines and a host of new paint, trim and hood colours.

Key changes include:

Rob Oldaker, MG Rover Group's product development director, explained: "The MGF has proved to be an amazing success having dominated its sector for the last six-years. The introduction of the new MGTF will enhance this popularity further. I have no doubt that the new TF, with its fresh new design style, new suspension with revised rear linkage geometry and a rich choice of feature specification and colour will produce even more exhilaration and retain MG's sales pole position."

The aggressive and purposeful style of the MGTF is sleeker and sportier, with a lower stance made possible by the inclusion of new:

A number of enhanced customer choice items include new:

Four models now give customers a progressive range of performance, power and specification. Designated by numbers close to their power output the four-model range comprises the 1.6-litre TF115, the 1.8-litre TF135, the TF120 Stepspeed sports auto and the range-topping TF160.

The new TF incorporates a number of substantial changes, which include a new suspension design. A completely new suspension utilises coil springs, to produce a responsive and involving set-up. The entire suspension and ABS brake systems have been enhanced and result in a completely enjoyable driving experience.

The new MGTF will debut at the Brussels Motor Show on January 15, 2002 at 10.30am.


The new MGTF will replace the current MGF with sales commencing in February 2002. Since its launch in 1995, 77,000 MGFs have been produced, with over 40,000 sales in the UK making it Britain's best selling car in the sports sector for the last six years.

The launch of the MGTF, nearly six months earlier than anticipated, once again demonstrates MG Rover Group's ability to deliver outstanding products within industry-leading time scales.

In an interesting repeat of history the original MGTF Midget was launched in 1953, during the same period that the company introduced new ZA Magnette saloons. Similarly the latest MG Z saloons - MG ZR, ZS and ZT have been a great success following their recent introduction.

Issued by MG Rover Group Corporate Communications

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