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16th January 2002


MG Sport and Racing Ltd are pleased to announce that they will be sponsoring the antics of world record stunt driver Terry Grant. The former racing driver and now stunt supremo has thrilled many crowds throughout the world with his ‘donut-king’ performances in his ‘Legend’ car.

Terry’s pocket rocket ‘Legend’ only has a 125Ps motorcycle engine under the bonnet but due to its lightweight structure this delivers a power to weight ratio of 300bhp per ton. His performances of extreme car control are a testimony to years of painstaking practice to achieve extreme car control.

You can see Terry make his first performance of the year during the Road Racing and Superbike Show at Alexander Palace, London from 26th January – 5th February 2002. Later in the year Terry will also be expanding his display to include a replica MG ZS EX259 Touring Car.

On becoming part of MG XPOWER Terry commented: "I am really excited about being involved with MG XPOWER because now I have the power behind me to really go for it."

Issued by MG Rover Group Corporate Communications

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