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13th January 2003


MG Sport & Racing Limited and Engine Developments Limited are delighted to announce that they have reached agreement for the V8 & V10 Sportscar engines produced by Engine Developments at its Rugby factory, to be known as MG XPower engines from 2003 onwards.

This agreement is part of the ongoing association between the two companies that began with the intended CART engine programme announced in 2002.

John Judd, managing director, Engine Developments Limited said: “This is an important part of the growth and realisation of our Sportscar racing activities, and we are delighted that we have been able to find a way to continue our association with MG Sport & Racing. We hope that some of our existing and any potential new customers will benefit from this link up and enable them to obtain support from sources that were previously unavailable to them.”

Rob Oldaker, managing director, MG Sport & Racing Limited added: “The association with EDL had continued after the CART rules change of direction last year and we now look forward to working together in technical collaboration on this new venture which widens further the exposure for MG XPower.”

Engine Developments is also taking this opportunity to announce that it is developing a 2-litre version of the well known MG Rover, Powertrain Limited’s ‘K’ series 4 cylinder engine. Initially this will have Motorsport applications.

“We believe there are a number of possible applications for the 2-litre engine, as the ultra lightweight ‘K’ series is already widely used in competition and is also available in various upgraded forms for road use. The 2-litre version, which we are currently referring to as the ‘K2000’, will give performance that has so far been unavailable from what is an extremely light and compact powerplant, so we are hopeful that it will generate substantial interest from existing ‘K’ series users”, said John Judd.

Issued by MG Rover Group Communications

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