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28th January 2003

University Motors celebrate 28 years

Neither six inches of snow, nor temperatures hovering at zero Fahrenheit dampened the enthusiasm at the University Motors 28th Birthday Party, Saturday, January 25.

Nearly 200 owners, enthusiasts, and their families braved icy conditions to share the Marque of Friendship during the afternoon celebration. It was 28 years to the day that John Twist opened his University Motors in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. He named it after the original University Motors, Stratton House, W1.

For two days the entire staff at University had been cleaning the shelves, tools, walls, windows, floor, and cars, so the shop looked spectacular as the participants began filing in at Noon. The local "Old Speckled Hen" MG Car Club as well as a private vendor, Art Lewis (TC & MGA), set up tables with clothing and memorabilia. While most owners examined the various service and restoration projects (VA, Invicta, Jowett Jupiter, MGAs, several MGBs), others were glued to the television watching "The Italian Job" with Michael Caine and a host of Minis.

Still others clustered about the silver cylinder of adult beverage. John's wife, Caroline, ladled hot chili while his daughter, Mary, sold 50/50 tickets for the raffle. At 2:30, the winning ticket was drawn by Kathy O'Breen (72 MGB). The other half, plus private donations, about $150, was gratefully accepted by Esther Land of the local MGF -- The Western Michigan Chapter of the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation.

The splendid Birthday cake sporting a very large, red MG logo, was served up to all. MG owners from Ohio and Indiana took part, as well as a large contingent of British expatriots from the Detroit area. By 4:00 the crowd had disappeared leaving only a few to drive the eight MGs from the parking lot into the shop for the night. Even at that late hour it was still so cold that the crunch of the snow underfoot reminded one of the sound of the first bite into a fresh salt and vinegar crisp.

John Twist
University Motors LTD
6490 Fulton Street East
Ada, Michigan 49301
(616) 682-0800
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