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2nd April 2003


OIL LEAK is heavily 'old car activity' oriented and concentrates on Road Runs along the lines of those initiated two years ago at The Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon. Supporting features in the form of good beer, interesting food and stimulating conversation are also essential aspects. For 2003, we will be getting off to a gentle start to re-prove concepts and hopefully avoid later tinkering for fine tuning.

The start/finish point for most of the Road Runs is The Charlecote Pheasant near Stratford upon Avon. Enthusiasts from distant lands who will be in the UK on the dates shown below (but without their cars) will hopefully be pleased to learn they can hire a British classic from a firm located very close at hand to the start. Costs to participate in these events are aimed essentially at cost recovery as OIL LEAK is run more for pleasure than profit.

23rd May THE STANDARD TRIUMPH CENTENARY RUN 95 miles—£20.00 for two. CHARLECOTE START & FINISH. This event celebrates the Centenary of The Standard Motor Company and the 50th Anniversary of Ken Richardson’s 124.8mph dash in a TR2 at Jabbeke in Belgium. Restricted only to Standard and Triumph cars—with a special place for overseas visitors, this event will follow the ‘Test Hills’ route. Optional Carvery Supper on your return

24th Aug THE ‘TEST HILLS’ RUN 95 miles - £20.00 for two. CHARLECOTE START & FINISH. Pre-war, many cars were judged on their hill-climbing and hill-restart ability while also demonstrating an unwillingness to boil their coolant in the process! What’s more, it’s wise to remember that whatever goes up, also has to come down, so it was a test of brakes as well! This Run visits some of those famous test hills used by all the Coventry manufacturers - not forgetting those based at Abingdon, Birmingham and Oxford too. Just in case you think this event will use roads that are long out of use—be assured they are in very common use, though undoubtedly widened and re-graded over the last seventy years. Optional Carvery Supper on your return.

6th & 7th Sep ‘TIMBO 2’ CHARITY RUN 650 miles / 24 hours - £20.00 per car. SOUTH DERBYSHIRE START & FINISH. In May 2002, fourteen cars on The Timbo Run raised £5100 for The British Kidney Patient Association. This sum enabled 21 children with chronic kidney failure between 8 & 15 years to have a week’s holiday at one of two adventure centres—with GUARANTEED dialysis to keep them alive! We were badly let down by too many allegedly ‘committed enthusiasts,’ who dropped out at the last minute. This prevented at least an additional TEN children having the holiday they’d been promised—but the charity made good the shortfall!  In an attempt to show the charity that ’classic’ enthusiasts really are genuine people, the event is being run again to provide holidays in 2004. We’ll be visiting ruined Abbeys and the route will follow this general outline: Start, then to Selby, York, Yorkshire Moors, Northumbria, Kielder, Scotland border, Carlisle (mandatory 4 hour layover) double crossing of Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Peak District - Finish at the starting point. This event is open to any classic car of any origin—and we won’t be too fussy about its age as long as each car raises at least £250 each. Hopefully this won’t be difficult, as the average in 2002 was £364 per car!

19th Oct THE ‘WOOL CHURCH’ RUN 110 miles - £20.00 for two. CHARLECOTE START & FINISH. In the Middle Ages, wool produced by Cotswold sheep was the best in Europe. Some of the profits from fleeces sold in the various market towns of this hill region, paid for the construction of impressive churches. This Run visits several of the most well-known ‘Cotswold Wool Churches.’ (See GDBA note below) Optional Fork Supper on your return

*GDBA Note
: “WOOL CHURCHES” Run has a further ingredient. With the active and willing support of Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (GDBA) we are appealing to all ‘classic’ owners to give a registered blind person (without Guide Dog) a day out in their ‘Classic’ - providing the person “earns the seat” as the principal navigator and seeks sponsors to raise money for the Charity. Visually impaired navigators will be meeting all their own entry costs and the GDBA is promoting this event via the local press and TV.
It’s also providing an additional Road Book in Braille for the purpose. We really are anxious for owners to come forward in offering a seat in their cars. Too often, we take good eyesight for granted, so please help us to give someone less fortunate than ourselves a very special experience in a ‘classic’ on this date.

Bookings and further enquiries for all events should be made to me at:

“OIL LEAK” Classic Car Activities   Tel: 01608 662970   Email:

We regret we are unable to accept credit cards in payment. The catering facilities offered by the hotels and pubs used for all these events, allied to the preparation of rallyboards and Road Books means we must also insist all participants PRE-BOOK at least one week in advance in order to take part in any event. We would be delighted if you included details of these events in your magazine.


A walking tour of the pre-war Coventry car manufacturer sites. Those who are frightened of the dark will be given a free Lucas candle. This will be the Super de-luxe version with a wick. A box of matches is extra.

MUSEUM TOURS - Bespoke tours of British Car Museums, linking in wherever possible to sights and shopping for the ladies.

COVENTRY FACTORY PUB CRAWL - Ever wondered what caused the term "a Friday car"? See and sample some of the beers and pubs where assembly personnel got ‘piddled’ at lunchtime - and you should have the answer!

A SHARP INTAKE OF BREATH — Stories the British Leyland PR people would never admit to and the Historians who commit themselves in print, don’t know. Ideal for aiding the digestion at Club functions in the winter.

Issued by John Macartney

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