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7th October 2003


Codemaster has just launched the new Playstation "Colin McRae 4" and as part of the launch, in a unique partnership with MG Sport and Racing, purchasers of the game will be eligible to take part in a one off competition to win an all expenses paid drive in a real MG ZR rally car.

Twenty lucky winners of the competition will be invited to take part in a special rally day during which a panel of judges, including works MG rally driver Gwyndaf Evans, will assess them for fitness, PR skills and co-ordination as well as their skill in driving a 1400cc MG ZR in rally trim. At the end of the day, an overall winner will be chosen to drive the actual car in a suitable competitive rally.

MG Sport and Racing driver Gwyndaf Evans said: "It's a fantastic idea and an excellent opportunity for someone with talent to show what they can do. The games are becoming very realistic now and I am intrigued to see what sort of driver will emerge and how they will handle a real live rally car."

MG Sport and Racing Manager Tim King said: "Playstation has always been fun and rewarded the skilful, but this moves the game to a new level. The MG ZR competes in the British Rally Championship and the World Cup Rally and the chance to win a drive in one is a very exciting opportunity for any young person."

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