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25th May 2004

The Naylor & Hutson TF1700 Story - Publication date May 1st 2004

Here’s an interesting new title on a subject that most enthusiasts have heard of but very few know anything about. The cars were inspired by the MG TF, which was built at Abingdon during the fifties. Handbuilt by Naylor Bros in Bradford and later by the Hutson Car Co, they were developed as an improved form of the original with increased power and improved suspension and braking. Naylor built 100 cars between 1985-86. They were fully type approved and had the backing of Austin Rover. By late 1986 the pieces were picked up by Hutson and a further 81 cars were produced. At around this time the car was also offered as a kit known as the Mahcon, of which 10 were sold.

This is a nice detailed book that pretty much covers the entangled story of the Naylor/Hutson/Mahcon and features some nice technical info from suspension guru Allan Staniforth. It’s published by the owners club with a lot of help from Robert Macknay, the man who so thoughtfully put together the 40th anniversary edition of Staniforth’s iconic ‘High Speed, Low Cost’ book. Recommended retail is £9.99 and it’s available through the Naylor club, Amazon UK or from at just £8.99 plus P&P.

A good informative read and worth a place on your bookshelf. ­ By Jim Burnhill ISBN - 0954514017

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