Petrol Problems in New Zealand

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Neville Wakem,

I'm an MGBGT owner and a brand new 'surfer' on the Net. Naturally one of the first things I wanted to do was to see what was out there on MGs - found your pages and was pleasantly surprised. Suppose I should have expected such sophistication from fellow MGers. Anyway what caught my I was the July article on petrol and the reference to New Zealand being totally unleaded.

At the moment as I understand our only refinery can only just manage to supply the Auckland region and the rest of us (I'm down in Christchurch in the South Island) have to make do with imported product which I'm told is so bad it has to be boosted 60% with aromatics to get anywhere near an octane rating of 96. Then to protect our engines we then have to add a lead additive. Basically we are being given the petrol you had the sense to cease using ages ago. A lot of MG and other British car owners are using a product called Fuelstar which loosely is like a big inline fuel filter containing tin and so far reports have suggested this is very effective and of course saves the expense of lead additives. My car normally runs a Shorrock supercharger (made by Allard Engineering - a good British cakemixer I might add circa 1972!)

I will shortly be refitting it to the car (having not used the blower since our petrol debacle)and adding a Fuelstar. It will be interesting to see how the car reacts on the fuel we now get supplied. Hope you don't mind this little missive but I thought you might be interested in a personal MG view of what we have to contend with Downunder.

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