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or "It followed me home, can I keep it?"

On a previous page I had told you all of the severe case of MGaholism I have been battling. I have never been one to gloss over things with excuses or denial. It would be easy just to say "I'm a collector" and be done with it. The fact is I'm an accumulator and am about to go and pick up MGB #9 later this afternoon. For those of you keeping track this will be 9 in 12 months. I have sold my red 77 in an effort to alleviate some tension around here. My wife, Eileen, has also looked into counseling and has found that to cure me of these behavioral defects would be far more costly than the actual problem and that's before you factor in the hypnotism and po ssible shock therapy. I'm sure she would insist but even after an extensive program the head shrinkers will not guarantee results. I thought I was through and looked at the writing of the previous article as "closure". Apparently the MG bug that bit me had much longer teeth than anyone had suspected and the saga has continued.

You may remember, at the last writing I had purchased six Bs in approx. seven months and had promised Eileen that I was finished. Three months had passed with no nightmares and no shakes upon finding a MG advertised in publications. I had turned over a new leaf and could tell that my wife was falling in love with me all over again. I was searching the internet for some friends looking to buy rubber bumpered Bs and came across one located near by and didn't even flinch. No urge to pursue possible purchase was an indication to me that my previous actions had just been a phase. A fellow club member and friend, Peter Krumdieck, asked if I would look at the car with him . Since we were out and about anyway I suggested we go scope out a couple of other cars I had learned of over the weeks before. While following Peter to his home so we could drop off his car and travel together he led me into a trap. He purposely drove down a street which had a 1966 MGB, with no plates on it. I stopped and knocked on the door of the house it was in front of and inquired about it. I left my phone # and told the person at the door to have the car's owner call if they were interested in selling. Now I knew I was in trouble. I began to have feeling I hadn't experienced in months. That "I got to have that car" feeling. The week went by and no call but that feeling wouldn't go away and I knew, given the right circumstances, there was going to be another car soon. Then, while attending MGCC Long Island Centre's board meeting, Karl Schad one of the club's directors, pulled me aside and told me of another MGB he had discovered. Something snapped, this was a Friday evening and I couldn't sleep that night. At 6 am Saturday I found myself at the location described to me the evening before looking at yet another rubber bumper roadster. At first I felt relieved seeing that this was a basket case but upon closer examination I found the clincher, an overdrive transmission. I must have blacked out because the next thing I can remember it was 9:20 am and a flatbed truck was backing into my driveway with the car on it's back.

The following night I had picked up my son Adam from a weekend visiting a relative about 20 minutes away. Upon returning home he discovered he had left his wallet, keys and electronic personal planner behind. So we were back in the car to retrieve these things he assured me were essential to his existence. As we set out he suggested a different route which led us past a flat bed car carrier with a for sale sign on it. Seeing this, coupled with the fresh memory of the day befores towing bill and the fact that this was on a route which I normally would not have taken, made me realize that a higher power was at work here and that the truck was meant to be mine. The other thing was that I still had hopes of the 66 coming my way and needed something to get it home with. I bought the flat bed and subsequently a new business.

A few days past and I received a message on my answer machine from the owner of the 66. A week of phone tag and another week of price negotiations and I had the car of my dreams. It needs some TLC but it's a thing of beauty. But wait, I can't bring this home, who was I kidding. I called Peter and asked him why he was trying to destroy my marriage. He suggested I tell Eileen " It followed me home, can I keep it?". I knew the only way I could bring it home was if I got rid of one of the others. I picked up the car and hid it in my friend Malcolm Jenning's body shop until I could unload another car. Since the 66 is red, logically, I choice to sell the red 77 . I posted it on the internet and one week later it was gone. I then told Eileen about the 66. She was angry at first for my having been less than truthful with her but after seeing it she likes it.

Lastly, I have come across another basket case of a car which is the one I'll be picking up later today. It's a 71 or 72 which was last on the road five or six years ago, which I'm acquiring through a towing barter

I think I'm finished buying cars for awhile now. The 66 was, without a doubt, the most gratifying purchase I have made. I think if it had been one of first cars I had purchased I probably would not have purchased a few of the others. I will keep you posted if there is any further activity.

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