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Advice required about cracking paint

I have just had my 1973 MGB repainted. It was stripped to bare metal, and repainted the original color of Black Tulip (after removing a layer of gold and a layer of red).

After it was over, about 1 month later, it started developing cracks by where the fender and cowl meet. The body shop refuses to fix it, claiming it will just crack again, and the only thing they could do to fix it was to cut out the seam, and weld it shut. This is obviously out of the question. I went to them because they have a good reputation, and they gave me a lifetime guarantee, that protects me against defects in workmanship. The shop claims it doesn't cover this problem. I need any kind of advise on going after them for this problem, and what the cause of this is.

Thank you.
Victor Sciggs

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