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19th September 2006


The first ever European series to focus on circuits rather than types of car has been launched by FISC, known for its well established and popular 'EuroTour' catering for BMC A series engined cars.

The new series has been launched following a successful trial run at the Nordschleife in July when around 50 sub 2 litre sports cars from the 50's 60's and 70's experienced a fabulous weekend of competition on Europe's most daunting and demanding circuit.

For 2007, drivers of these cars will be able to experience legendary historic GP circuits of the past, the provisional calendar featuring Zandvoort in Holland, the Nordschleife and the Italian Grand Prix Circuit at Monza.

FISC EuroTour drivers already enjoy some of the best value racing on the continent and the same competitive pricing will be built into the 'Legendary Circuits' series, giving the possibility of experiencing classic circuits at a lower cost than contesting a season of UK club racing. Given that full driver and team hospitality are included in the entry fee and subsidised ferry crossings available, should dispel any fears drivers might have about venturing outside their own country to race.

FISC EuroTour founder, Pieter Bakker, said, "The Legendary Circuits series offers a wonderful opportunity for drivers to race at dream circuits which otherwise might be completely out of reach. They can also enjoy the travelling, meeting other people, other cultures and transforming each event into a kind of mini-holiday. Although the emphasis will be more on the experience of a sporting and enjoyable weekend with spouse, friends and family, rather than outright competition, there will no doubt be drivers who will enjoy the competition over the scenery and conviviality.

Cars must be prepared in conformity with the Code Sportif International, App. K safety regulations. FIA Vehicle Identification Forms, 'Historical Technical Passports' and 'Heritage Certificates' are helpful, but not mandatory. Drivers are encouraged to use Historic Dunlop tyres, but alternatives, other then slicks, are acceptable. Driver equipment must conform with the latest FIA standards.

Each meeting is a stand alone competition in its own right, offering competitors a fresh start to each weekend. Track time will be two hours per meeting with the possibility of extra private testing at reasonable cost and providing a good balance between travelling and circuit time.

Further information can be obtained on the website

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