Championships 2014
Lancaster Insurance MGOC
Class A 1st Jim Baynam cylinder head and 2nd Chris Pollard engine and tuning.

Celebrating 25 years of our heads and engines winning MGOC Lancaster Insurance Class and Overall Championships, from Nigel Petch MG Maestro in 1989 to Jim Baynam MGB in 2014

Lap Records Still Held
Anglesey P Naish 0.56.81 22/07/2001
Cadwell Park C Pollard 1.50.50 07/09/2003
Cadwell Park C Pollard 1.50.50 07/09/2003
Castle Combe C Pollard 1.27.27 21/04/2014
Croix M Hill 1.08.26 20/07/2005
Donington J Baynam 1.30.03 07/04/2013
Lydden M Hill 0.51.27 28/08/2004
Mallory Park J Baynam 0.57.79 30/09/2012
Oulton Fosters J Baynam 1.17.56 12/04/2004
Oulton Island M Hill 1.49.37 20/06/2009
Rockingham Historic P Naish 1.51.41 20/09/2003
Rockingham International M Hill    2.07.31 28/08/2004
Silverstone National J Baynam 1.14.96 15/03/2003
Silverstone International J Baynam 1.27.89 08/06/2014
Silverstone Arena GP J Baynam 2.43.76 25/06/2011
Snetterton 200 J Baynam 1.35.24 27/08/2011
Snetterton 300 J Baynam 2.33.45 13/07/2013

Peter Best Insurance
Class C and overall champion Robert Campbell MGC cylinder head.

Luffield Speed Championship

Windmill and Lewis 1st Martin Wollacott cylinder head and tuning
GP3 1501-2400 National 1st Mike Cole engine and tuning
GP4 RGS 1501-2400 National Keith Egar cylinder head and tuning
GP4 RS below 1500 1st Richard Watkinson cylinder head and tuning.
GP 4 RS above 3000 National 1st Andy Walker engine and tuning
Northern 1st Nick Walker engine and tuning
MGA 1st Martin Wollacott cylinder head and tuning
MGB 1st Mike Cole engine and tuning

More Championships will be added when we are given details.


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