MGB Track Day/Ultra Fast Road 1950cc engine
Chrome bumper.
1950 JE race pistons dished to give 10.5:1 CR.
Piper HR 285 camshaft.
Duplex timing gear.
Fast Road Plus Head on a 12H2709 head casting, this has sleeved inlet pushrod tubes to allow the inlet port size to be enlarged to 34 mm. 1.69" inlet valves with 1.343" exhaust valves. Fitted with bronze valve guides, lead free exhaust inserts and heavy duty double valve springs.
Factory forged crankshaft.
Circlip fit factory horizontal split rods with ARP rod bolts.
Modified oil pump.
Baffled sump.
Lightened flywheel with heavy duty clutch.
Aluminium front and back plates.
The price includes free rolling road tuning after the engine has been fitted by the customer.
Ideally a pair of 1 ¾" SUs or Weber 45 could be fitted to take full advantage of the engine's capabilities.
Ready to go at £5000 plus VAT exchange
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