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The Windsor-Detroit MG Club (WDMGC) was founded in 1980 by four men, two Canadian, two American.  They saw the international border not as a barrier, but as a link for MG enthusiasts in southeast Michigan and southwest Ontario.

This international camaraderie is what gives the WDMGC its unique character.  It is probably the first and possibly the only local club in North America to enjoy membership and events in two countries on a regular basis.

Membership is open to anybody with an interest in MG cars.  Ownership is not required, and in the true enthusiast spirit, a carís condition is not important.  It is an organization for the whole family and many events are not strictly car-oriented.

As a WDMGC member you will receive a copy of our club roster as well as our monthly newsletter that contains a wealth of information including our calendar of events listing all upcoming activities and club meetings.

Membership in the club also enables you to talk to other MG owners, enjoy numerous fun events, and of course, troubleshoot MG problems - club members are always willing to help in that regard.  This is membershipís greatest benefit: the MG spirit!



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