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Technical Tips, Resources and More
And the "more" now includes our video library maintained by Tom Newton.  Since many of the videos are technical in nature, I thought the Tech Tips section of our web site would be the most suitable location for our library shelf. Remember that donations to the library and suggestions for acquisitions are always welcome, just contact Tom.
Tech Tips

A Cracking Good Tip for Cold Chaps
For some reason across Canada, and often at poorly maintained gas stations in the US, those latches that allow you to pump gas without having to hold the pump trigger depressed, are missing. The pump is still required to have an automatic shutoff when it senses that the tank is full, so that it is perfectly safe to improvise your own latch.

The problem is most apparent, of course, in Winter, when you would rather be back in your warm car or cleaning the salt covered windows. It's also the time you are most likely to have a lip salve like Chapstick or Blistex in your pocket. Put one under the trigger and retreat to the car. The only hazard: when the pump automatically switches off, your lip salve may jump out, and of course they never roll away from the car, always underneath.
Rick Astley

Fuel Line Warning for 1977-1980 MGB Owners
I've just read John Twist's column in the new "Classic MG Magazine" and learned that the original fuel line hoses can rupture length-wise without warning. I called John and this is what he said. "The original hoses are smaller and smooth on the outside, because they did not have any cloth braiding like regular fuel line hoses." All hoses should be inspected and replaced because these hoses can fail.
Rich Wagner
Technical resources

MGB Electrical Systems This site, owned and developed by Rick Astley, was originally conceived to assist the MG enthusiast who, while often very capable of understanding the mechanical engineering aspects of the vehicle, is sometimes left scratching his or her head when it comes to the electrical system. Although based mostly on his own experience with MGB's, the content should also have relevance to all MG's and indeed LBC's.

University Motors Tech Help This site may hold the answer to your specific question or problem.
Video Library

For information regarding the availability of videos, please contact video librarian, Tom Newton.  As a courtesy to all members, we respectfully request that you return the videos within a reasonable time frame, and no later than 3 months from the day they were borrowed.

To Canadian members: Our library is located on the US side and unfortunately, the transporting of the entire library to meetings on the Canadian side is becoming problematic.  As a result, we ask that you arrange with Tom to have the requested video delivered to the next club meeting you will be attending.


Title Description Status
Battle of the B's no info available Available
Behind the Wheel Three-time world champion driver Jackie Stewart will teach you braking skills, proper acceleration techniques, quality cornering, driving finesse, safe and expert maneuvering, how to get into racing, and more.
60 mins
NEW Best of British: MG View the full MG story from "Old Number One" to the MG-F.  Enjoy the sight of MGs in full flight with archive footage of racing, rallies and record breaking.  Visit MGCC and MGOC headquarters, British Motor Heritage workshops and the Heritage Motor Centre, and hear a special interview with MG-F designer Gerry McGovern.
70 mins
Dr. Doolings Total MG Engine Rebuild Has accompanying booklet Available
F1 1958 "The Mike Hawthorn Story" and
F2 1959 "The RBM Story"
F1 - 1 hour
F2 - 30 mins
F1 1979 "Car Wars" and
F2 1980-1982 "Start to Finish"
3 hours Available
Inside the Octagon MG: 1921-1945 no info available Available
La Carrera
Features music by Pink Floyd
65 min.
Mini - The Legend 40 min. Available
Rendez-Vous Renowned French director Claude Lelouche mounted a camera on the nose of his Ferrari, then drove flat out through the streets of Paris. The sound of his roaring V-12 is stirring enough, but the sight of Paris rushing by at over 100 mph makes this a must-see piece of auto cinema. 9 minutes of non-stop excitement! Available
Silver Star Classic
Fastest open road race in the world
35 min.
The Italian Job With Michael Caine
100 min.
The MGB Video R-V8, Guide to MGB Maintenance
58 min.
The Roadster Factory Summer Party 1993 no info available Available
The Romance of Restoration White, Post Restorations
18 min.
The World of Collector Cars BH Vintage Race, NY Road Rally, Auction etc. 1950 era Available
Winning Featuring Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward and Robert Wagner Available



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