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MGF Trophy Championship Review 1996

The 1996 MGF Trophy championship, which was run in France has been by all accounts a huge success. Ther were just 17 competititors in the first years running of this unique race series supported by Rover France.
The MGF Trophy was made up of three circuit races, three rally's and three hillclimbs. The outright winner at the end of all this 'friendly' competition was a gentleman by the name of Phillipe Chavalier.
Also competing was the head of Public Relations, for Rover France, Jean-phillippe Coulaud, who to his credit finished in a very respectable sixth place.

Plans are under way for the running of this years 1997 MGF Trophy, with what is hoped will be an increased entry list of 30 competitors.

Racing MGF Specifications

What's under the bonnet..... I mean in the boot ?

The engine is a 'standard' 1.8 but with the following modifications

Handling and Braking Department

The suspension has been stiffened up a little and a predetermined ride height set. The brakes use competition linings, otherwise they are standard calipers and discs, with the dics being grooved to help remove brake pad debris. Mintex pads used.

The Race Chassis

The car is fitted with Dunlops all round ( D98J 'S' 205/50 x 15 )
The ride height as already mentioned has been reduced,to 325mm,this has been achieved with relatively minor mods.
All mountings, front and rear subframe, rear damper, lower damper, have been hardened or reinforced.

Cosmetics & Safety

An addittional slot has been put into the front bumper just in front of the oil cooler matrix. A revised hardtop is fitted to the car to enclose the rollcage. The air bag has been removed, along with some interior trim. A shorter gearstick is also featured in the competition car There is a 10 point roll cage fitted, extra side padding around the drivers area. The contour hugging Cobra race seat is bolted directly to the floor pan, and comes with a full restraint, 5 point saftey harness. Quick release pins are fitted to the bonnet and boot. There's a fire extinguisher system which will discharge into the engine bay and under the facia.

All the components for these modifications can be purchased through Rover Sport.

This modified MGF works well on the track but will also be equally happy on the road. It has been highly praised by former rally driver and now Rovers MGF test driver, "a drivers car" he said, a car you can drive to work on a Monday and race at Silverstone on a Saturday.

The MGF race car is a very good package and certainly holds with that famous slogan "Saftey Fast" , Cecil Kimber would have been proud !

It must be noted these are the race specs at the start of 1996, as the season progressed so did the development of the car, so some of the specifications have changed. We will endeavor to bring you up to date with the 97 specs as soon as possible.
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150 mph MGF

MGF debut

The all new MGF made it's racing debut in the UK on Saturday 16 March, at Silvestone.
Don Kettleborough has campaigned the MGF in the 1996 MGCC Phoenix Challenge. The car is a hardtop version and has been specially prepared for the season by GAYDON TEAM SPIRIT, a group of Technicians and Enthusiasts who have been working in their spare time at Rovers test facility at Gaydon. The car has been raced in almost complete standard road form, apart from a few minor modifications in the suspension department. These are similar to the mods Kettleborough made to his Group N Metro, which in fact he took to class victory in the 1994 National Saloon Car Cup.

Why not catch up on the MGF's progress throughout the Anglia Phoenix Challenge season.


Japan -

The first MGF, and one of 25 set aside for the forth coming MGF cup in Japan was handed over to Osam Morikawa of Rover Japan at the Castle Combe circuit.

The White MGF with its very eye catching go faster stripes was test driven around the Wiltshire cicuit by Osam and a small army of Japanese journalists, all sporting I expect a some very expensive cameras around their necks ! The test session was under the careful guidence of the Rover test and development driver Tony Pond, who said that he was convinced that the MGF was destined to become a very successful clubmans car. At a racing promotion last year in Japan Rover Japan were inundated with interest from propective buyers and not less than 47 competitors applied for cars.

The four race series starts in July at Tsukuba. The series will be extended in 1997 when another batch of cars will be allocated.

France -

The French like their autosport as much anyone and Rover France are also running an MGF Trophy in 1996, the cars will be built to the same specification as those in Japan. They are planning to run four races: Two tarmac rallies and a couple of hillclimbs.At the moment there is no official Rover backed MGF race series in the UK, but the MG Car Club are keen to see their members run MGF's in competition and it is thought that at least 2 are set to be hillclimbed. For anyone that is intereted there is already a comprehensive source of competition part available from Rover Sport.

Roversport News November 1996

After a recent review, The Rover Group is to make several changes to it's motorsports programme.

The hugely sucessful Rover 200 Cup has been scrapped, this is the first move to shift emphasis away from the Rover Marque. The even more succesful Rover Turbo Cup has however survived for the 97 season, but with a much reduced level of supportfrom the Rover Group.

As yet an MGF race series for the UK has not materialised, but the MGF Cup in Japan and the multi-disipline MGF Trophy contested in France will be once again on the calendar for 1997, beyond that....?

Watch this space...

MGF Cup 1998 events and specifications

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