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  • I.W. Cowen.23 January 2020

    What ever happened to "Champion. and KLG " brand Spark Plugs?
    The world drove on these for years.
    Perhaps it was like the demise of the English Motor Cycle Industery.
    Those old tins that Champion plugs came in---are just so handy.
    Just remembering---"when"

  • Bruce Cunha23 January 2020

    Got it in SEM Self Etching primer today. Started on the other fender. The stripper pads do nice work of removing the old paint, and any body filler.

    Looks like I will be spending a bit more time on the Right fender. Looks like it may have had some minor booboos in the past. But it is improving my panel beater skills.

    Peter. That is what mine looked like prior to remov...

  • Christopher Couper23 January 2020

    Brake fluid seems to take off Imron from my experience. :-)

  • Christopher Couper23 January 2020

    I miss read the question and thought he wanted a picture of the under dash. :-)

    Anyway there are tons of pictures in the gallery of behind the dash.

    I have some more I have not posted of my own car and if you tell me what you are looking for in an email I can send those.

    They are not something I would post. This area of my car is private. :-)

  • Christopher Couper23 January 2020

    The handles of course were chrome. All the other parts were cad plated. Note that the round headed screws are brass and were painted body color on the heads.

  • William Revit23 January 2020

    It's a tiny bit messy but if you use an air drill (or a battery drill with a plastic bag on it)and drill it while the box is still loaded with oil the outgoing oil will flush it out as it drains, you can get most of the way through dry but just the last little bit as the hole gets through gets a bit wet
    And most of them I've seen done have had it drilled in the wrong spot, too high...

  • William Revit22 January 2020

    Must be the operator--------couldn't possibly be the plugs----lol

  • William Revit22 January 2020

    great little car thanks for the pics

    back to solvents-
    you said-
    "I never do any welding, so no danger there. Not allowed since my operation anyway. "
    A shudder went through me when I read that-

    Took an alloy fitting in to get welded up yesterday and , you guessed it he was using brake cleaner to clean stuff up-------couldn't believe it, I was out of ther...

  • richard b22 January 2020

    Finally come to the conclusion that I'm not going to ever do the conversion - age/ wife health issues etc etc etc - therefore I have a gearbox up for offer - so before I even consider evil bay I thought I would post here.

    I realise this may not be good form to mention it here (and get black balled at the club etc) but I would prefer it goes to a good home !

    I understood when I bo...

  • William Revit22 January 2020

    To me if the engine is out the things I'd be doing are--at a minimum
    Replace the rear core plug (minimum) , check and/or replace the clutch and bearings (throwout and maybe spigot)
    Front and rear crank seals, timing cover gasket and sidecover gaskets--
    Check the engine mountings--

    These are bare minimum requirements of things that need to be done while the engine is out to sav...


    I have decided to sell my 1951 YA with great reluctance. I have owned it for the last five years and have completed the following key work:

    Chassis fully repaired, brakes, cylinders, master cylinder and linings and copper pipes all replaced.

    Engine rebored, new pistons, camshaft etc, head rebuilt and valves enlarged. Remaining task is the rockers.

    Rebuilt gearbox,...

  • 1951 YA FOR SALE

    UMG-315. Imported to Canada in 2006. Right hand drive. Halogen headlights. New braking system. Heater. Boyce Motometer. Original owner & technical manuals. 11,200 miles since 1996 restoration (possibly less than 22,000 miles in total). Valued at $18,000 US but asking $12,000 US. Very good condition overall.
    Many photos & other info here:


    I have a large surplus of parts that I no longer require.
    Rocker Shaft
    2x Headlamp bowls
    2x Expansion Tanks (Plastic)
    Steel Rocker Cover
    Set of Steel Duplex Timing Gears.
    Open to offers I need the space.

    Starter Motor good condition only for sale as gone Hi-Torque 30.00
    Mk3 Left hand Front Wing in Tartan Red, ready to bolt on 125.00
    2x Dual Circuit Brake ...


    99.9 same as original pattern Door seal Quite a few members have already bought this seal and were totally satisfyed.A Y saloon needs 9 Mtrs = 38.25.A YT needs 3 Mtrs = 12.75. All plus carriage


    New XPAG flat lifter & roller lifter camshaft kits for sale. 9 profiles from stock to full race, including a race cam that will out perform a B & G 102 race cam, as confirmed by MGVR racers. All my camshafts will out perform any other on the market.
    Flat lifter race cam $ 450.
    Crane cams @ wholesale prices.
    Roller cam kits from $ 1,400. includes cam, Roller lifters, Push rods, & valve sp...


    MGB NEW CAMSHAFT FAST ROAD 1965 TO 80 $250.00