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  • Paul Hollingworth19 February 2020

    I thought you squashed the rubber until either the washer hit the shoulder on the shaft or your starting compressing the insert if you have one. I must admit, I tightened the nuts with the wheel dangling. Surely the bushes will be centred better with no load on them. Now all the rubbers appear to be squashed the same amount with the lower arms in the middle.

  • JE RYDEN19 February 2020

    And William R, thanks for the advice re Tasmania, there have been times when the kids were younger I would have cheerfully bought them one way flights to you but to be fair to them they have largely turned out OK. Thanks fella, Jon

  • JE RYDEN19 February 2020

    Thanks for all your advice people, really appreciated and I will definitely try the ideas suggested, ie Everyday car and Cuwa. John Payne, I'll look you up once the weather gets better, I am at Canwick and the only other local Midget guy I have come across is from Branston, next village along, advertising bits on ebay, so maybe that is you. Thanks all, Jon Ryden.

  • Malcolm Le Chevalier19 February 2020

    What Chris said!

    Draining is easy. Filling is a bit of a fiddle, but I found to be easiest with a bit of tube and a funnel going up to the engine bay.


  • Malcolm Le Chevalier19 February 2020

    For what it's worth, I use:



    Then any left overs of both get mixed together for top ups!


  • J K Bowman19 February 2020

    That's brilliant Tony . Thank you very much indeed for taking the time to do it. Between that and the drawings on the Let There Be Ys cd it should work a treat.
    Cheers John B

  • paulh419 February 2020

    Are you still lurking? I's be grateful if you could email me.

  • Ray Lee19 February 2020

    If the marks on the pinion have been lined up correctly the keyway will be in the correct orientation. Mind you mine is not and the removable steering wheel is my anti-theft.
    Ray TF2884

  • Declan Burns19 February 2020

    They look to me like they are 3D printed using black PLA filament.

  • A L SLATTERY19 February 2020

    Here is the initial drawing of the RHS floor outline. A mirror image of this pattern should also fit the LHS.

    There are more details to come - apologies for the quality, but all my good drafting gear is no longer functional.

    I suggest you mark out this pattern in cardboard and trial fit to your own car before cutting any plywood.
    There can be variations from car to car over t...

  • 1974 MG MIDGET

    I have a 1974 mg midget for sale chrome bumper round wheel arch 1275cc.
    Its been stored in a garage for a number of years. Engine rebuilt 6 months before storage. It has 1.75 inch single mg metro carb on a titan manifold. Its got nice mini lite wheels. Body is sound but needs some attention. No mot will need a trailer. I have all reg documents
    We are in leigh on sea.
    Anyone interested.


    Reshelled in 1994, driven for 2 years then stored for 16 years. I acquired it and recommisioned it. It now has been completely rebuilt with polybushes all round. Rebuilt engine with a Peter Burgess head and 270 cam. Aldon Amethyst ignition system. Resprayed in 2014. British racing green. Minilite wheels. New interior. Pretty much everything has been taken apart and put together again . Has an over...


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  • 1964-65 US MKII MG MIDGET

    Black/Red 1965 MK II Midget which wire-wheels spinners
    Its located in zipcode 10570; always garaged...very clean original example; acquired new Tappan Motors NY call or email for photo's


    Low mileage/fine examples please.