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  • Graham V10 December 2019

    I came along last year and really enjoyed it. It was well organised and a great day. As my frogeye was out of action, we came in my friend's Alpine.
    Do you think we will be welcome to come along again this year in a classic, if it's not a spridget?

    Thanks, Graham

  • Rob Grantham10 December 2019

    George, Peter, Matt. and Frank,

    Thankyou for your above comments. I am really just a trier like nearly all of us who are interested in T type MGs.

    One of the best parts about owning TFs since 1976, is the persons I have met and the friendships made. I do know that one(1) individual cannot possibly alone achieve a complete rebuild/restoration. The process inevitably involves...

  • efh Haskell10 December 2019

    I can NOT recommend the EZ Bleeders! They totally failed the first time I used them. Check the archives.

  • Dave Hill10 December 2019

    Absolutely, but that is one of several advantages to DOT5, it isn't hygroscopic.
    Dave H

  • t lange10 December 2019

    Smaller bottles are better because the ones you don't use remain factory-sealed; brake fluid is hygroscopic, and a large half-filled bottle will eventually absorb water and contaminate what you have left over.

    Tom Lange
    MGT Repair

  • Dave O'Neill 210 December 2019

    “Try telling him that the remote servo can fail by sucking up all the brake fluid.”

    One of the factors that convinced me that I could do without it.

  • Mike Howlett10 December 2019

    Can't you persuade the owner to change his mind? Like Paul H I have driven MGBs with and without servos and like him I reckon the remote servo makes almost no difference. The unservoed car pulls up strongly without undue pedal pressure. Unnecessary complication in my opinion, and also not a proper item for that early a car. Try telling him that the remote servo can fail by sucking up all the brake...

  • Paul Walbran10 December 2019

    Thanks for the comments, which generally echo what's been rattling around in my head on this. But the owner has specified a servo in the rebuild so we have to do it.
    Yes, well aware of how the mounting angles affect bleeding having struggled to bleed a wrong one!
    BTW the car is European spec rather than US.

  • James Neel10 December 2019

    Yes, and that tree in the background is like older men, less leaves, less hair.

    Good Show.


  • P G Gilvarry10 December 2019

    Get the Ezi-Bleeders, makes bleeding easy, I bought 3 bottles and I have one full one left and part of the second one.



    Chrome bumper , LHD , CAR HAS BEEN REPAINTED ,NEW TYRES, NEW EXHAUST, 2 new floors, new interior trim and carpets , hood slightly damaged, carbs overhauled , car on UK reg with V5 , car located in Belgium near Brussels , asking 9900 GBP ono

  • 1951 YA FOR SALE

    UMG-315. Imported to Canada in 2006. Right hand drive. Halogen headlights. New braking system. Heater. Boyce Motometer. Original owner & technical manuals. 11,200 miles since 1996 restoration (possibly less than 22,000 miles in total). Valued at $18,000 US but asking $12,000 US. Very good condition overall.
    Many photos & other info here:
    Gilles B...


    Low mileage/fine examples please.


    Have original MGA tonneau cover in Ice Blue that I can get some good non faded sample peices from the underside for anyone interested. Aprox 1" X 2" peice for $17US including mailing cost domestic, or international.


    I have recently had a garage tidy-up and found a number of new and used Y Type parts that I no longer need as I sold my YB last year after 9 years of ownership. I am open to offers for any or all of the following parts:
    Lucas contact set 407050, new old stock
    Starter motor brush set Commercial Ignition replacing Lucas 255659, new old stock
    Lucas rotor arm, probably unused new old stock...


    99.9 same as original pattern Door seal Quite a few members have already bought this seal and were totally satisfyed.A Y saloon needs 9 Mtrs = £38.25.A YT needs 3 Mtrs = £12.75. All plus carriage