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  • Greybeard 13 December 2019

    Thanks Dave, I didn't know that.
    Of course if I had read Flip's original post properly I might have had a clue.

  • Gary Lock13 December 2019

    Steve, I've seen a lot of cars with the two short pieces of rubber (about 5" long) under the frame at each end...that's what I thought Dominic meant?

  • Paul Barrow13 December 2019

    I did Robert and wanted to thank you for it and all the contents etc. You mentioned about maybe going to a GOF. We are looking forward to going to GOF WEST 2020 in Mt. Hood Oregon in 2020 (


  • Dave O'Neill 213 December 2019

    The problem with the Frog is that the ignition and headlamp switches are combined.

    I think Andy Jennings' early switches will be the basic pre-steering lock ignition switch.

  • Dave O'Neill 213 December 2019

    The Varta B35/36 has basically the same footprint, although the lip may cause a problem.

  • Greybeard 13 December 2019

    Dunno Flip.
    Andy Jennings lists used early type switches for 10, but I have no idea if it's the same type as your frog switch.

    The last three ignition switch failures I've dealt with (Triumph Spitfire, Diahatsu campervan and lawn tractor) were all solved by chucking away the switches and rewiring toggl...

  • Mike Dixon13 December 2019


    Thanks-I did wonder but all of the 3 main suppliers I have talked to agree it can support the battery, and I am willing to give it a go- if the battery fits! As I say above my metal battery box could be better.

    I think several have used them for 6v batteries, but I think the Varta is slightly larger? There is a lot of USA centered info on this In the archive but litt...

  • Stephen Randle13 December 2019

    I do not have the spec of steel, it came from a car show the thickness could be 0.8 or 1.0mm it was 25 odd years ago when it was done.
    the shrinker does need extra work by doing more squeezes to the centre edge to gather the material than the back edge.

  • R Taylor13 December 2019

    Paul, I haven't had an e-mail address since Nelson lost his eye. That's why you get a snail mail every year. I take it that you've received this year's.

  • paulh413 December 2019

    I wouldn't like to rely on that plastic lip to support the weight of a battery going over significant bumps. They are not even intended for batteries anyway, but to use as a cubby in the 'spare' battery compartment when changing from twin 6v to single 12v. By the time you have cut holes for the restraints and the cables I don't see the point, and who is fussed about the bottom half of the batter...


    Chrome bumper , LHD , CAR HAS BEEN REPAINTED ,NEW TYRES, NEW EXHAUST, 2 new floors, new interior trim and carpets , hood slightly damaged, carbs overhauled , car on UK reg with V5 , car located in Belgium near Brussels , asking 9900 GBP ono

  • 1951 YA FOR SALE

    UMG-315. Imported to Canada in 2006. Right hand drive. Halogen headlights. New braking system. Heater. Boyce Motometer. Original owner & technical manuals. 11,200 miles since 1996 restoration (possibly less than 22,000 miles in total). Valued at $18,000 US but asking $12,000 US. Very good condition overall.
    Many photos & other info here:
    Gilles B...


    Low mileage/fine examples please.


    Have original MGA tonneau cover in Ice Blue that I can get some good non faded sample peices from the underside for anyone interested. Aprox 1" X 2" peice for $17US including mailing cost domestic, or international.


    99.9 same as original pattern Door seal Quite a few members have already bought this seal and were totally satisfyed.A Y saloon needs 9 Mtrs = 38.25.A YT needs 3 Mtrs = 12.75. All plus carriage


    New XPAG flat lifter & roller lifter camshaft kits for sale. 9 profiles from stock to full race, including a race cam that will out perform a B & G 102 race cam, as confirmed by MGVR racers. All my camshafts will out perform any other on the market.
    Flat lifter race cam $ 450.
    Crane cams @ wholesale prices.
    Roller cam kits from $ 1,400. includes cam, Roller lifters, Push rods, & valve sp...