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  • AdrianR14 May 2021

    Hi Willy - Piston montage attached, book says they should be marked, but not how and anyway book is talking about OE pistons which these aren't.

    They look pretty symmetrical by eye. Sightly offset gudgeon pin hadn't occured to me so I've learned something there. There is a little ridge on the inside of one gudgeon pin boss, is this significant?

    Tractor is an International B250, 1...

  • PW Creswell14 May 2021

    Yes Nigel iam the guy with the red MG GT and I did or rather do have issues with wiring but in old cars no telling who or what was done before you bought it .I have had the car running but never as good as it should be but now think this was down to coil and electronic ignition these have now been replaced car was started last sunday just needed tuned up problem now is car wont restart and it's do...

  • Nigel Atkins14 May 2021

    well done.

    I might be wrong but I feel you might be doing as some do towards the cars and that is crediting far too much manufacture/engineering sophistication to them.

    I may well be wrong but I imagine a lot of manual labour to manufacture, assembly and finish to a lot of parts.

    It could be as simple as having the plastic the wrong way up for drilling, I doubt...

  • tm peterson14 May 2021

    I am not familiar with the TC tranny. What does that gearbox do for the TD?
    Regards, Tom

  • Andy Robinson14 May 2021

    Success - it's fixed. I drilled a couple of pilot holes through the old slip ring mounting lugs and screwed it onto the new one. I used the old slip ring pencil hole as a template and then drilled the brush pencil hole in the right place in the new one.

    Obviously you really shouldn't have to go to all this bother when you are buying new parts, but as I couldn't find any NOS or second hand...

  • Nigel Atkins14 May 2021

    Oh, I see the problem I called Paul(W) Peter, sorry PaulW, and sorry PaulH for causing confusion - confirms how little I remember (I think I had that robbing Peter to pay Paul in my head for some now very obscure reason).

  • Nigel Atkins14 May 2021

    No not you the PO Paul. 😀

    I don't like the look or sound of things on this car, not serious but needs sorting I think. I know you don't like electronic ignitions but if they are installed correctly they're very reliable.

    The inner cable if broken usually will pull out by handle but there can be other brakes and jams and it depends on how hard you pull then.

    If th...

  • Colyn Firth14 May 2021

    I was really sad to hear that FRM had passed, we have some great conversations over the years and he always had some really accurate, practical and interesting things to say on the forums.
    He is sorely missed.

    Quite a few years ago FRM and I found ourselves on the receiving end of some quite abusive comments from a Canadian member who took great offense at a couple our (intended to be...

  • Nigel Atkins14 May 2021

    cross reference data are often full of errors, the errors are copied and compounded with longer lists of alternatives and then these lists are used by others and so it goes on.

    You can't even trust the manufacturer's website information.

    To find the possibly correct alternatives takes hours of searching, I done so for a mate for an oil filter for his A-series engine wi...

  • paulh414 May 2021

    Not I.


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  • 1952 MG TD

    1952 MG TD. Convertible. Well maintained mechanically sound car. The brake shoes and hydraulics were overhauled by White Post Restorations. The carburetors were recently overhauled, throttle shafts and bushings by Joe Curto. An MGB front anti-sway bar has been installed to improve handling in cornering. The front and rear suspension bushings have been replaced and the driveshaft has been rebuilt a...


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