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  • Greybeard 26 January 2020

    Amen to that Nigel. I'm in the middle of restoring a "Ladies spade" to usefulness for my old friend Judith.
    On the one hand it's only a knackered old spade, but on the other it's something given to Judith by her late husband when they married back in the 60s and she likes it.
    I somehow managed to fix a mantel clock last week without making it even worse, for another lady friend. She was s...

  • Nigel Atkins26 January 2020

    thanks a lots.

    Not waffle, very interesting. I've got a feeling he said something about it not having pockets but I might have that wrong as he was quite quietly spoken and as with all good micropubs other conversations were going on at the time.

    I got the country wrong, I thought it was an island off the top of Scotland! :)

    I'll copy and paste the text of your...

  • gary hansen26 January 2020

    The NGK's have performed best in my 79-B. Nothing against other brands, but each engine has its own "preference" You just need to choose which ones your engine "likes" best.


    79 MGB

  • John Payne26 January 2020

    If it was working fine and you know itís not been abused Iíd be tempted to re use it. The new Borg & Beck Iíve just fitted to my 1275 is nowhere near as well made as the old B&B that came out. Both the cover and plate are made from thinner gauge material and thereís just an air of Ďcheapnessí about it. It works ok but so does the one in my Sprite with 20k hard miles on it.

  • Ray Lee26 January 2020

    Thanks Jim, we think it is the tube shock conversion that is changing the run. If all the measurements check out OK I will make up some extenders and also sleeves to extend the outer cable as that is also short. Gives me chance to practice my trade.
    I will photo and share when we get it right.
    Ray TF 2884

  • Greybeard 26 January 2020

    Email sent.

    For anyone else who wants restoration work done on old leather, the name of the fella who sorted my jacket is Martin Ashworth.

    Phone: 01407 811060

    E Mail

    The Leather Workshop
    Treruffydd Farm
    Ty Croes
    LL63 5HJ

    FWIW he did an outstanding job for me.

  • JA Benjamin26 January 2020

    Not a fix.

    In my rebuilding I tried to keep as much of the original MG as possible. My cables were shredded. I managed to get the old cables out of the ends and open them up. I had SS aircraft cables swaged in.
    Unfortunately I came up short.
    I fabricated some Clevis extenders.
    Later one of my reworked cables pulled out, so I got new ones. The extenders were not used.

  • Greybeard 26 January 2020

    Might take a little while to find it Nigel, but I'll have a good look when I get home tonight.
    The fella did a first class job. My jacket is (AFAIK) 84 years old and I still use it occasionally. The restorer even managed to free up and retain all the original zips. I remember him saying that it took a litre and a half of whatever leather feed stuff he used and it's still in lovely condition, h...

  • Nigel Atkins26 January 2020

    (hoping I've remembered the right person?)
    have you still got the details of the person that restored your grandfather's flying jacket please?

    In the micropub last night as I was wearing my Serge Hervet (fashion copy?) flying jacket and a chap was telling me he had an original flying jacket with communication (conduits?) leads but it needs restoring so I said I'd see if I coul...

  • Chris Madge26 January 2020

    Looking at the clutch wear plates should give you an indication of wear? Hopefully at 9000 miles it should have plenty of life left in it.

    That clutch realise arm pivot bush, pin, and tolerance ring on the 1500 is a weak point in my opinion. I would make sure they are in good condition.

    Iím still using a bodge bolt instead, as the hole in my clutch release arm is worn. Iím after a g...


    I have decided to sell my 1951 YA with great reluctance. I have owned it for the last five years and have completed the following key work:

    Chassis fully repaired, brakes, cylinders, master cylinder and linings and copper pipes all replaced.

    Engine rebored, new pistons, camshaft etc, head rebuilt and valves enlarged. Remaining task is the rockers.

    Rebuilt gearbox,...

  • 1951 YA FOR SALE

    UMG-315. Imported to Canada in 2006. Right hand drive. Halogen headlights. New braking system. Heater. Boyce Motometer. Original owner & technical manuals. 11,200 miles since 1996 restoration (possibly less than 22,000 miles in total). Valued at $18,000 US but asking $12,000 US. Very good condition overall.
    Many photos & other info here:





    I have a large surplus of parts that I no longer require.
    Rocker Shaft
    2x Headlamp bowls
    2x Expansion Tanks (Plastic)
    Steel Rocker Cover
    Set of Steel Duplex Timing Gears.
    Open to offers I need the space.

    Starter Motor good condition only for sale as gone Hi-Torque £30.00
    Mk3 Left hand Front Wing in Tartan Red, ready to bolt on £125.00
    2x Dual Circuit Brake ...