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  • M Wood21 February 2020

    Interesting video of a conversion:

    I wonder how long his halfshafts survive (watch drive off at the end)

    I do fancy buying a solid 1500 for not too much and saving it for an EV conversion.


  • Dave O'Neill 221 February 2020

    We will probably all end up with electric classics, eventually.

    I see that electricclassiccars have a shiny red Midget on their site. A pity itís got odd wings, oops.

  • Dave O'Neill 221 February 2020


    Look out for a black MGB - not a Spridget, Iím afraid.

  • JE RYDEN21 February 2020

    Thanks Dave, apologies I am new to classic cars and I didn't know about drive it day but we live 400 mts from the bomber command centre so will defo turn up for that unless work beckons, 26th April from my paltry googling.

    Thanks, Jon

  • Yojic21 February 2020

    Next photo marked panels around the spring hanger that need removing and new steel welded in place.

  • Yojic21 February 2020

    Removed the inner and outer sill today and cut the jacking point out. Found some rubbish stuffed inside the sill at the rear, latex gloves and cardboard 🙄.

    Will be preparing and tacking the inner sill tomorrow and may get the outer sill tacked. Possibly install a drain pipe just under where the ĎA Postí will be attached as suggested by Guy 👍🏻

    At the rear ...

  • Paul Walbran21 February 2020

    We got a big bundle of new units from the local importers when they were having a clear out in the early 80s (still have many) of various applications, plan being to use the new bodies with MG arms and valving.
    Colours were unpainted, black, green, copper (yes, looked Como spec with adjustable valves, sadly all the same side) and even a couple of red ones.

  • Bob Beaumont21 February 2020

    Just by way of an update, engine all rebuilt (with ACL duraglides) which included a rebore as there was a ridge partly down one bore due to inactivity in the past. Just got to run it in now!

    BTW I learnt from Kent cams that no A series followers are made in the UK now. They are all imported. The quality is variable but Kent and Swiftune have instigated a quality control process to sift o...

  • David Billington21 February 2020


    I would have thought it could be put in place of the petrol tank as it'll be redundant.

  • Bob Beaumont21 February 2020

    Quite possibly. The NOS ones I have are that colour.

  • 1974 MG MIDGET

    I have a 1974 mg midget for sale chrome bumper round wheel arch 1275cc.
    Its been stored in a garage for a number of years. Engine rebuilt 6 months before storage. It has 1.75 inch single mg metro carb on a titan manifold. Its got nice mini lite wheels. Body is sound but needs some attention. No mot will need a trailer. I have all reg documents
    We are in leigh on sea.
    Anyone interested.


    Reshelled in 1994, driven for 2 years then stored for 16 years. I acquired it and recommisioned it. It now has been completely rebuilt with polybushes all round. Rebuilt engine with a Peter Burgess head and 270 cam. Aldon Amethyst ignition system. Resprayed in 2014. British racing green. Minilite wheels. New interior. Pretty much everything has been taken apart and put together again . Has an over...


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  • 1964-65 US MKII MG MIDGET

    Black/Red 1965 MK II Midget which wire-wheels spinners
    Its located in zipcode 10570; always garaged...very clean original example; acquired new Tappan Motors NY call or email for photo's


    Low mileage/fine examples please.