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  • Ray Lee17 February 2020

    I am helping friends resurrect a 1950 TD after more than 40 years rotting away.
    I have a box of rusty, bent bits that I am trying to find which bits are actually TD.
    Are these pieces TD and if so, what and where.
    Ray TF 2884

  • Colin Parkinson17 February 2020

    Andy on a TR6 it is mounted under the bonnet, nearside inner wing, near the bulkhead.


  • George Butz III17 February 2020

    There was a thread about the shell to splash apron gap on this or the other board a few years ago. The position of the mounting tabs/wings on the core, as well as the core position on the mounting bracket can be changed if the rad was re-cored. Gap on the right side of my TD wider as well. Car still looks beautiful and no on would have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out! George

  • JE RYDEN17 February 2020

    Hi all, I recently bought a Midget and would like to insure it so that my kids and close friends can use it occasionally in Summer. Trouble is the children are 18, 20 and 25. All have full licences, no claims or convictions, very sensible etc but trying to get them on cover as named drivers bumps on line limited mileage 'classic' quotes from under £100 (me and Mrs) to circa £1000. I'm only anticip...

  • JK Mazgaj17 February 2020

    It will be interesting to se if the offer to re-unite this with the original car is taken up. For the asking price I doubt it.

  • Gord Clark17 February 2020

    Many thanks LaVerne, for the advice. Will probably use an antifreeze recommended for an alloy engine.

    Gord Clark
    Rockburn, Qué.

  • Rod Jones17 February 2020

    When I replaced my slats with some form Abingdon Spares I also found I had one stud that was loose.
    It came off just undoing the nut. SO I reattached it with JB Weld. So far it has held OK.
    This is a picture of the stud location and the fit.If it helps.

  • paulh417 February 2020

    Side of the centre console?

  • Steve Simmons17 February 2020

    Without fail, any time a wheel comes off, that wheel goes under the sill of the car. There is no possible way to ever be "too safe".

  • Steve Simmons17 February 2020

    Bob, I understand and appreciate your viewpoint. In my own view however, modifying a car is different from restoring one. Someone looking for a performance car, especially a brand new one like your example of Kimber's KN, isn't going to care as much about originality. But fast forward 80 years and imagine you were buying that very KN. Now imagine it has a replacement blower unit on it, install...

  • 1974 MG MIDGET

    I have a 1974 mg midget for sale chrome bumper round wheel arch 1275cc.
    Its been stored in a garage for a number of years. Engine rebuilt 6 months before storage. It has 1.75 inch single mg metro carb on a titan manifold. Its got nice mini lite wheels. Body is sound but needs some attention. No mot will need a trailer. I have all reg documents
    We are in leigh on sea.
    Anyone interested.


    Reshelled in 1994, driven for 2 years then stored for 16 years. I acquired it and recommisioned it. It now has been completely rebuilt with polybushes all round. Rebuilt engine with a Peter Burgess head and 270 cam. Aldon Amethyst ignition system. Resprayed in 2014. British racing green. Minilite wheels. New interior. Pretty much everything has been taken apart and put together again . Has an over...


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    I have decided to sell my 1951 YA with great reluctance. I have owned it for the last five years and have completed the following key work:

    Chassis fully repaired, brakes, cylinders, master cylinder and linings and copper pipes all replaced.

    Engine rebored, new pistons, camshaft etc, head rebuilt and valves enlarged. Remaining task is the rockers.

    Rebuilt gearbox,...

  • 1964-65 US MKII MG MIDGET

    Black/Red 1965 MK II Midget which wire-wheels spinners
    Its located in zipcode 10570; always garaged...very clean original example; acquired new Tappan Motors NY call or email for photo's