* The Background to the MGZT

* Our launch story

Background to the MGZT

The MG ZT was produced between 2001 and 2005. It is high performance MG badged version of the Rover 75. The MG ZT-T being the estate version.

The first MG ZT had a KV6 2.5 litre engine with either 190Ps or 245Nm of torque driving through a 5 speed manual gearbox with a lowered final drive to aid acceleration and response, or with 160Ps and 230Nm driving through the same gearbox but with longer ratios.

During 2002 there was a dramatic increase in model variations including 1800cc 4 cylinder K series engined versions with 120Ps and 160Ps, diesel and auto models.

The MG ZT 260 was re-engineered to a longitudinally mounted, in line, V8 with rear wheel drive. The 4.6 litre engine and delivers 260bhp with 410Nm of torque.

Chris Devonshire's MG ZT 260 at Haynes Motor Museum. Vin number 50 and number 1 in Trophy Blue.

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