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  • John Quilter (TD8986) 20 January 2020

    My TD came to me with no clock at all so I just totally cheated and fitted a Walmart quartz watch in the hole. Keeps quite good time and batteries only needed every year or so.

  • Paul Barrow20 January 2020

    Without seeing what you have there Ian it is very hard to actually comment on what you have or do not have. Can you post a picture or two?

  • Chris at Octarine Services20 January 2020

    You don't want to go finer than 400, you need some surface roughness to hold oil to lubricate the seal - certainly do no polish it chrome smooth!

  • P G Gilvarry20 January 2020

    Thanks Frank, that is who I had in mind for speedo rebuild.

    Might be best to just get it rebuilt as standard and then after making the “gearing changes” get a correction gearbox.

    Or, maybe smarter, just love a clock that is right twice per day until the gearing is done.

    What prompted this was reading about folks that rebuilt the clocks, but it might just be easier to do it all...

  • Bill Bretherton19 January 2020

    Thanks Chris. I'll try WD40/ brake cleaner with an old towel to see how much more they clean up, then maybe 400 or higher paper if needed (around, not across the journal, of course).

  • William Revit19 January 2020

    When we had the old F series Ford based ambulances here ,pads like that and much worse were very common
    You'd get them come in with brake noise after a trip down the West and pull the brakes off and find all sorts like broken pads(backing plate), pads worn out that far that the caliper pistons had welded themselves through the plates , rotors worn down from the pads falling apart that badly t...

  • William Revit19 January 2020

    Well-- No-one has quoted the workshop book which surprises me a bit -------------

    It says-
    Fit a clear hose to the bleeder with the other end submerged in a container into the fluid being used, fill the reservoir, open the bleeder 3/4 of a turn and slowly operate the pedal in full strokes up and down ,maintaining fluid in the reservoir until a clear flow with no bubbles is seen in th...

  • Nigel Atkins19 January 2020

    It would have helped more if I'd have noticed a lot sooner, especially as I've blocked a hole before on mine when rushing to fit a stub stack - but fiddling with carbs is very distracting and makes you forget logical sequence (as if I could remember that in the first place).

  • SPW Wincze19 January 2020

    I don't think that even Mort has a seat heater !!!! And he has done many, many mods for comfort and performance!!


  • P Hehir19 January 2020

    It's been 50 years since I've driven my TD but I seem to recall that the muffler was directly below the seat and that it got pretty warm inside the cabin anyway. In the States though the passenger gets whatever benefit there is from the exhaust. Cheers
    Peter TD 5801


    I have decided to sell my 1951 YA with great reluctance. I have owned it for the last five years and have completed the following key work:

    Chassis fully repaired, brakes, cylinders, master cylinder and linings and copper pipes all replaced.

    Engine rebored, new pistons, camshaft etc, head rebuilt and valves enlarged. Remaining task is the rockers.

    Rebuilt gearbox,...

  • 1951 YA FOR SALE

    UMG-315. Imported to Canada in 2006. Right hand drive. Halogen headlights. New braking system. Heater. Boyce Motometer. Original owner & technical manuals. 11,200 miles since 1996 restoration (possibly less than 22,000 miles in total). Valued at $18,000 US but asking $12,000 US. Very good condition overall.
    Many photos & other info here:


    I have a large surplus of parts that I no longer require.
    Rocker Shaft
    2x Headlamp bowls
    2x Expansion Tanks (Plastic)
    Steel Rocker Cover
    Set of Steel Duplex Timing Gears.
    Open to offers I need the space.

    Starter Motor good condition only for sale as gone Hi-Torque £30.00
    Mk3 Left hand Front Wing in Tartan Red, ready to bolt on £125.00
    2x Dual Circuit Brake ...


    MG midget dashboards rewrinkled to concourse standard £77exchange or sold outright , right hand and left hand dashboards stocked. Save on shipping I have a stand at the MG and Triumph show at stoneleight on the 9th of february . MG midget powder coated rear back plates complete with adjusting screws and wedges £35. I have a various selection of powder coated parts , heater boxes ,pedal boxes ,axle...


    MGB rewrinkled dashboards £77 exchange or can be sold outright please inquire all dashes are blasted , primed and powder coated and heated in a oven to 180 degrees to get this concourse finish I carry all six types of dashes in stock I can also rewrinkle MGC rocker covers . I have also left hand MGB dashboards in stock . I have a stand at the MG and Triumph show at stoneleigh in February 9th save...


    99.9 same as original pattern Door seal Quite a few members have already bought this seal and were totally satisfyed.A Y saloon needs 9 Mtrs = £38.25.A YT needs 3 Mtrs = £12.75. All plus carriage