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  • AG Gunner19 April 2021

    Hello Trevor, you may well be correct in surmising my relative youth, although I am still old enough to be the parent of the apprentices we are discussing.

    From the employer's perspective, there are two issues with hiring an apprentice which relate to the point I made above, and a cultural shift with which those of us 'tainted' with modern thinking have to contend.

    The first is t...

  • William Revit19 April 2021

    ---- did some searching

    FTFU has got them listed--

    ID055 Carb ID Tag TF (53-55)AUC 728 $8.25ea

  • William Revit19 April 2021

    Evening Rob
    Like you I can't remember seeing them on TFs, but MGAs had them so maybe TFs did too----?
    Pic of an MGA tag

  • C Mee19 April 2021

    Not sure if this works if your wrist's already gone at 10 Ft/Lbs but I reckon he'd be totally dislocated by a differential pinion flange nut.

  • Rob Grantham19 April 2021

    Hi All,

    Does anyone have a sample of the aluminium stamped
    tag which may be located under the brass hex head setscrew located on top of the carby bowl lids ?

    I have not seen them on TF carbs however some believe originally they were fitted at the Factory.

    Rob Grantham

  • Ray Rowsell19 April 2021

    Colin, JK and William,

    Thank you very much. I couldn't work out how it could possibly fit on a B, so I will confine it to my box of other random, "might be useful" parts. The only similar thing I can recall is on the half opening part of the front screen on an old truck. That would work as the channels would take the glass. Back to the car today to replace some of the other parts I fo...

  • JIM N19 April 2021

    Don't know what spinners or whatever work with Moss wheels, but I fabricated our spare tire post for MGB splined wheels. I found 2" pipe threads worked with MGB RH thread spinners. I cut an extra long thread on a piece of pipe and cut it to fit/weld to spare tire bracket.

  • William Revit19 April 2021

    I've seen supports just like that on a dickie seat on an old vintage car, I think ,but not at all sure that it was a Triumph

  • W A Chasser18 April 2021

    Ill take another assessment of the situation when it cools down in a few days.
    Raising the motor up with shims wont net me anything since the side panels are basically 90 in relation to the pavement. The engine steady has the engine setting in a neutral position. The radiator is centered in relation to the the apron and sets level on its X member.

    Tom you are correct in that many...

  • Christopher Couper18 April 2021

    "but I am not sure I want the 60 spoke rims. I am leaning towards the Dayton 72 spoke rims. "

    Hah. I think the 48 spoke ones are just right. :-)

  • 1952 MG TD

    1952 MG TD. Convertible. Well maintained mechanically sound car. The brake shoes and hydraulics were overhauled by White Post Restorations. The carburetors were recently overhauled, throttle shafts and bushings by Joe Curto. An MGB front anti-sway bar has been installed to improve handling in cornering. The front and rear suspension bushings have been replaced and the driveshaft has been rebuilt a...


    1971 MGB Roadster, Flame Red. 23K miles since bare (Original) shell restoration in 1997. 1930cc fast road engine: 45DCOE, Stage 1 head and cam, 3 branch stainless steel manifold and exhaust. Polyurethane suspension bushes, SPAX rear dampers. Electric power steering. 2 x 12V batteries. Overdrive. The car has been kept in a dry garage and hence is in very good condition. 12950

  • MG YA JUNE 1950 Y5703

    Interesting project car, over three-quarters completed. Runs and drives well. Many, many spares with it. Health forces sale.. For full details contact Andrew. 8,000 o.n.o.

  • NG YA JUNE 1950 Y5703

    Interesting project car, over three-quarters completed. Runs and drives well. Many, many spares with it. Health forces sale.. For full details contact Andrew. 8,000 o.n.o.


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