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  • Nigel Atkins04 July 2020

    SU Berlen (not always the best place to source info and parts) - HIF (click 'Next>>' at bottom of page to continue) -

    Bigger carbs but general idea -

  • GuyW04 July 2020

    Colin - and anyone else.

    It has just been brought to my attention a detail that I had skipped, and not been aware of. I wasn't clear that there was a distinction between DOT 5 and DOT 5.1. My comments earlier were about DOT 5.1 which is a Glycol based fluid, similar to DOT 4 and DOT 3. Which explains why the bottle says it is compatible and can be mixed.


  • Les Bengtson04 July 2020

    Bruce. Generally speaking, an overflow of fuel can be traced to one of two conditions--the valve or the float. The float can develop a minor hole or crack and fill with fuel resulting in its never rising upwards sufficiently to close the fuel shutoff valve. I have seen this a single time in something over 50 years.

    More common is some form of problem with the valve that the float rises...

  • GuyW04 July 2020

    Bruce, Service and adjustment sheets are available online from the Burlen website, though whether they cover your specific issue I cannot say.

  • Dominic Clancy04 July 2020

    You forgot the image. I can send you the carb manual pages for the HIF44 if you send me an email. Dominic AT clancy DOT ch

  • CC Canfield04 July 2020

    I have been running, in my 1959 MGA with stock 1600cc motor, 93 Octane Methanol free fuel.

    I suspect about anything would work as these cars weren't very picky. The Methanol concerns me for fear of perhaps loosening deposits. That fear may have no basis in fact.

    Nonetheless, it seems to run fabulous and continues to provide immense joy.

    Given how finicky some of the new vehi...

  • BruceBurrowes04 July 2020


    attached is a picture of HIF44 carb. When the fuel pump is on fuel comes up the exposed pipe marked with blue arrow. I assume this an overflow.

    I generally understand how these work, but cant find a diagram that shows why this would happen. From what Ive read so far HIF carburetors have a seperate fuel cicuit.

    I think this would due to the float chamber. The carb wa...

  • CR Tyrell04 July 2020

    Is there any truth to the rumour that the "Square" Lucas logo was for LHD and dipped to the right and the "Round" Lucas logo was spec'ed for RHD and was dipped left?

    Has something to do with the fluting in the lens as opposed to which bulb was used.

    I would love to find out what the difference is , as I have both.

    ... CR

  • CR Tyrell04 July 2020

    I have the transmission out of the YT while sorting rear seal leak. (leaked all over clutch) and I want to sort out , if I can, the third gear issue. I read that this is a problem.

    After inspection the 3-4 shifter fork is well worn, which I assume adds to the problem, a fork in better condition is going to be installed. I have read somewhere of a "fix" to allowing a bit more travet to t...

  • Nigel Atkins04 July 2020

    Thinking about it I'm going to add a condition to renewing the worn parts with new, if the new parts are so piss-poor as many are and thee worn parts are severely worn then you may be better sticking with the existing parts as their useful life after this point might be longer than the new parts, so change next time or as required.


    MG TF 2004 for sale with matching hard top. Only 26,000 miles on the clock and in great condition! Valued in 2019 at 3,000. No tax, insurance or MOT. Location: Melton Mowbray. Has just a couple of scratches but apart from that it's a grand little car, mechanically sound and super fun to drive.


    1973 barn find complete restoration with a Rover SD1 3500 engine and 5 speed manual gearbox.
    This car is stunning and has just had a rebuild of the SU carbs. runs beautiful and sounds maginificient.
    The car was featured in MG Enthusiast Magazine in August 1995 - the conversion being done by Graham Pitts - for anyone interested in the story of its restoration and how the engine was accomoda...

  • 1973 MG MIDGET

    1973 RWA Midget (Teal Blue). 1398cc heavily modified car complying with MSA Rules for Class 1A (road legal) Sprints and Hill Climbs. A solid and quick car. Please email for full spec. 5450.


    1947 MG YA 4-door saloon for sale in Carlisle, Cumbria, U.K.

    Car is complete and partially restored (underneath wings, running boards, chassis, engine bay and boot mainly).

    Believed original dark blue/grey paintwork and light blue interior.

    Believed authentic 45,500 miles on speedometer.

    Engine runs and all mechanical components present on car.



    1949 MG YT EX(U) Tourer for Sale. LHD

    This car is a project, has had some disassembly but is fairly complete. VIN# 3105 and is in Ontario Canada. This car can be saved. Some pictures are available on request, and as the car is in storage, complete pictures are harder to provide.

    I would like to sell the car as a complete unit.

    Shipping would be responsibility of purchaser.<...


    MGB, MGB GT, Midgets
    Especially fully restored/clean originals.
    Will view/collect anywhere U.K.