MGA Specifications

Production Period



Steel box section, welded. Cross braced, suspension mounts integral.
Wheelbase: 7ft 10in
Track Front: 3ft 11.5in
Rear: 4 ft 0.75in
Weight (1500 Roadster): 2015-2020 pounds or 17 1/2 ct.


Gam Gears rack & pinion system.
Turning circle: 28ft
Castor angle: 4 degrees
Camber angle: 1 degree at full bump
Kingpin angle: 9.75 degrees at full bump
Toe in: Zero
Grade of oil: SAE 90


1500: 2LS front, drums all round.
1600,1600 MkII: Disc front, drum rear.
Drum size front: 10in (1600 MkII, 10.75in disc)
Drum size rear: 10in
Method of operation - Hydraulic, Lockheed system


Ventilated disc wheels, bolt on, OR: Rudge pattern wire spoked.
Rim size: 4J * 15
Tyre Size: 5,60 * 15
Tyre pressure 21psi front, 24 psi rear


4 cylinder in line, pushrod ohv
For 1500, 1600, 1600MkII

Bore: 73.025mm, 75.41mm, 76.2mm
Stroke: 89mm, 89mm, 89mm
Cubic capacity: 1489cc, 1588cc, 1622cc
Power output: 68, 80, 93
@rpm: 5500, 5600, 5500
Compression ratio: 8.3:1, 8.3:1, 8.9:1

Valve timing: (All Models)
IO 16deg BTDC
IC 56deg ABDC
EO 51deg BBDC
EC 21deg ATDC

Valve lift: 0.357in
Rocker Clearance: 0.017in, 0.015in, 0.015in
Valve seat angle: 45 degrees
Valve spring type: Double coil
Seat Tension: 89lb
Installed length: 1.575in
Free length: 1.922in
Connecting rods: H section forged steel
Length: 6.5 in centres
Bigend type: Steel backed Lead/Indium shell
Smallend type: Pinchbolt type
Gudgeon pin diameter: 15/1600 - 0.687in, 1600MkII - 0.75in
Pistons: Aluminium alloy, split skirt, concave crown
Number of rings: 3
Oil pressure: 50psi. Idle at 15psi
Grade of oil: SAE 30
Sump Capacity: 7.5 pints including filter
Firing order: 1 3 4 2

Ignition Timing

15/1600: 7deg BTDC
1622 engine: 5deg BTDC
Distributor points gap: 0.015in
Sparking plugs: N9YC
Gap: 0.025in

Carburetter Type

Twin SU H4
Jet size, main: 0.090
Needle recommendation: 1500 - GS, 1588/1622 - No. 6


Borg & Beck Single dry plate
Material: Ferodo
Number of springs: 6


Four speed manual, synchromesh on top three ratios.

Top: 1.00
Third: 1.374
Second: 2.214
First: 3.64
Reverse: 4.76

Grade of oil: SAE 30
Capacity: 4.5 pints

Propellor Shaft

Hardy Spicer open shaft, needle bearing u/j at each end.

Final Drive

Live axle, hypoid bevel gears.
For 1500, 1600, 1600MkII

Ratio: 10/43, 10/43, 10/41
MPH/1000rpm: 17.0, 17.0, 17.3
Grade of oil: SAE 90
Capacity: 2.25 pints

Cooling System

Pressurised, thermostatic control, pump assisted. Capacity: 10 pints.

Fuel Tank Capacity

10 gallons. Tank located at rear of car under boot floor.

Body Styles

Open 2 seat Coupé.
Numbers built:
1500: 58750
1600: 31501
1600MkII: 8719

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Made in England