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I have been asked this question far too often:
I would like to know if there are any plans to bring the MGF to the US?I realise that BMW, who bought Rover, introduced it's own Z3 in the US and is concerned about competition, but there are people like myself who are wating for a true affordable British sports car to come to this country. Is there any hope?
Our understanding of the situation regarding the non appearance of the MGF in the USA is as follows:

The MGF was not designed to be sold in the USA because primarily there was no dealer infrastructure to support the car. Rover could not justify introducing all that was necessary in the form of training spares, franchises, meeting stringent import controls etc etc on the basis of one individual model. It is quite likely that MG would be included in Rover's next generation of models whereby a range of cars could be introduced to the States at one time and in sufficient volumes. I doubt if this would be within the next 5-7 years though.

Our thanks to Richard Monk of the MG Owners' Club for confirming this.

A group of enthusiasts have created a web site to promote the MG TF in the USA. Click here for more information.

An official statement from Rover

We now have an official reply from Kevin Jones, Product Communication Manager at Rover Group explaining why the MGF is not available in the USA.

"At the time that MG was being considered, Rover Group was investing in significant new core product programmes. The investment required to fund an MG programme was capable of supporting around 20,000 units per annum, a joint capacity level agreed with Rover's collaborating Body-in-White partner Mayflower. This was clearly less than would be required to support a re-entry into North America, a project which would also require major investment in a new Sales and Marketing network.

Rover has decided that a return to the USA would need long term planning on the basis of much more than a single niche model entry. It's likely that Rover will return to the States early in the next century with a range of products to include the MG Marque"

News as at February 10th, 2000

A personal export?

You could try and arrange a personal export by dealing with Rovers appointed exporters. It is frought with problems even going to a country that has some dealer support for Rover products. The main problem with the States will be meeting the legislation, ie safety standards etc. Although we are led to believe the MGF comfortably exceeds their requirements. It is worth an enquiry to Stratstones of Westminster who handle all Rovers personal exports.

The contact there is Zak Merler.
Tel: 0171 494 1750
Fax: 0171 434 0416.

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