Bing O'Kelley's 1972 Midget

Below is an Email which I received from Bing O'Kelley, <>
Thanks for giving my midget a venue. The Yellow midget on you midget page is mine. It's a 1972 that I found under a house about 5 years ago.
The lady who owned it had gotten pregnant and could no longer get behind the wheel. So, she just drove it up under her house (she lived on a hill in Arkansas) and parked it. It sat there for 13 years before I found it. It was a real mess. The only thing that suvived was the body works. All the hydrolics, engine and interior were either frozen,rusted or turned to dust. After a year and much $$$ it is now running. It has 48K miles on the odometer and is really a great attention getter with the "young" ladies. At least my neices like it.
Again I'd like to thank you for giving my car a home on the WEB.


Bing O'Kelley

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