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Cecil Kimber Enthusiasts Award Each year the M.G. Drivers Club of North America, the first North American wide M.G. organization to accept all models of M.G., selects a worthy recipient of its annual "Cecil Kimber Enthusiasts Award", named with the kind permission of Jean Kimber Cook daughter of M.G.'s founder after her father at their annual gathering "The Drive-In". In 2009 it was awarded to
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Thanks to this virtual community, it's now a small world for lovers of the classic MG sportscar. Not only are there exhibits of Pre-war MGs through the latest MGF models ("very few styling links with its predecessors beyond the octagon-badged grille"), and stories from the likes of New British Sportscar Magazine... here's an excellent classified ads page for parts and vehicles from Canada to Slovenia, plus a comprehensive MG clubs directory, even sales of 1930s print art by Gordon Crosby. A dynamic and beautiful interface makes navigating this site almost as much fun (we can only imagine) as driving the cars themselves.

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The MG Web page provides extensive information on MG cars. The page contains a brief description of the different MG models, an index of United Kingdom MG Dealers alphabetically and by location, MG classified ads, a bulletin board for MG owners, MG events around the world and more. Users may link to MG clubs, British car pages, mailing lists and more.

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Here's a sort of online coffee-table book about MGs (the British sports car). You can browse this site's endless listings of models, read up on the details of each car's basic features and history, view photos, and even check out some early magazine ads for the car. The question, "Got $35,000 to spend on a MGB?" led us to a lengthy listing of MGs for sale in places ranging from Tennessee to Cheshire, England. When we were ready to chew the MG fat, the Bulletin Board offered us discussions devoted to of models and tech tips. Also discover MG clubs, specialists, and events around the globe. Vroom.

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