The Di Tella Magnette

Some of you may have already read Neil Cairns article on the Di Tella Magnette built in Argentina.  (If not, click here.)  Ernesto Gasulla read Neil’s article with great interest because he owns a Di Tella Magnette!  More amazingly, Ernesto is an Argentine engineer currently living in Chicago, Illinois.  When he moved to the US not that long ago HE BROUGHT HIS ARGENTINEAN BUILT DI TELLA MAGNETTE WITH HIM!!!!   Yes, the only Argentina built Magnette on the register roles is actually in Chicago.  Ernesto was kind enough to submit to the website many pictures of his car, along with what he knows about the Magnettes of Argentina.  The subject matter made Ernesto’s Magnette well worth being the current FEATURE section of


(The following pictures and text were submitted by Ernesto Gasulla, who I’m sure would be more than happy to hear from any Argentinean Magnette owners or fans!)


Ernesto Gasulla’s Di Tella Magnette, from rust bucket to restored.

Why the Magnette was built in Argentina, and about Argentine car market of the 1960’s.

The Di Tella Corporation… Everyone knows BMC made the Magnette, some know Di Tella made the Magnette… but IKA-Renault?

English Cars in Argentina:  and the many lives of the Hillman Avenger.

The ‘bumpy’ boat ride from Buenos Aires:  a lesson for others shipping cars.