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An Unrestored 1957 Arnolt (299)

This Arnolt car was personnaly owned by 'Wacky'Arnolt and was auctioned off in 2013 on eBay. The following was was the text from the auction listing:

Before we get started I will say that this car was bought by Mr. Hess directly from the Arnolt family.

This was garage kept and is ALL ORIGINAL. It had exactly 2 owners; “Wacky” Arnolt himself and Mr. Hess. There will be a lot of information in this auction so make sure you read it all. Not only is it a fascinating vehicle with an incredible story but the condition is really something to behold. Records indicate in this style only approximately 103 of these ever existed.

That alone makes this an extremely rare vehicle. How many remain is a mystery but I assure you this is the best of the lot. This exact car was cover featured in the May 2012 Issue of Classic Motorsports. I will say again, THIS EXACT CAR was featured – The pictures in the magazine are of my car – the exact same vehicle you are bidding on.

This amazing find has the Original ICI Post Office Red paint (253-438), the Original Connolly Grey Upholstery (VM 320), the Original Gauges, Pedals, Steering wheel, Gear shift… Everything. It even has the original spare tire in the trunk and the original kit to change the tire. Not only is this all original but it is in incredible shape. The paint has some checkering but was stated at 80% by the expert the magazine contacted. The car is running. The car even has the original keychain with the company logo. There have been small repairs here and there and bits of restorative work as the magazine article states. I have scanned the entire article and I have it in the pictures.

As the story goes Mr. Arnolt wanted to create a Fine Italian Sports car look with the English MG Speed and a Body large enough for Americans. This car has badges from MG, Bertone and Arnolt. The engine compartment is clean and free of any damage. The interior is clean and well maintained. There is a paper in the glove box (pictured) that reads: This model of the MG TD was Originated by S.H. Arnolt, Chicago importer, about six years ago when the MG roadster still retained its traditional look. Arnolt had the popular MG equipped with Italian coachwork, providing the protection and space favored by Americans. Maker: M.G. Car Co., Ltd., Abingdon on Thames, Berkshire, England and Bertone of Turin, Italy. Engine: 4 cyl, Transmission: 4 – speed, Bore x Stroke: 2.61 in 3 3.54 in, Weight 2035 lbs, Displacement: 76 cu in, Wheelbase: 94 in, Horsepower: 54 at 5200 rpm, Speed 85 mph. Owner: S.H. Arnolt, Inc, Chicago, Illinois. The lights in the interior and under the hood work. The gauges are all original and all function correctly. After reviewing the pictures it is hard to notice the checkering of the paint but it is there. The Bumpers are original as are the Lights, Waterfall Grill, Rims, Red Tinted Visors and Seats. This really and truly is a Time Machine. You will be amazed by its condition and its charm. The article is pictured and I recommend you read it as it is a fascinating read and very informative.

The title from Indiana reads: Owner: Hoosier International Corp. Box 540 Warsaw IND, Title Number A871198, ID Number 299, Model No B. Year 57, Make: MG, Type 2H, Date of Purchase 12/12/57, Weight 2103, H.P or Cap 18.0. To recap: All Original – very little restorative work done, paint checkering, incredible condition and running. Auction estimate 150-200K. We have seen these on the net that are barn found and they have bondo to the max and are restored and the asking price is in the 150K range, this one, obviously with its originality and provenance is worth more yet our reserve is 1/3 of that. Own a piece of history. Again, please read the article. It truly is an amazing car and the article is very informative. Thanks for looking and good luck!

Note: Obviously there have been some modifications to components in many of the pictures so compare a number of pictures of different cars to insure what is absolutely correct.

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