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The Original MG TD Midget


These pages contain information that relate to the history of the MGTD. A brief overview of the history of the MGTD is cited along with production information, a list of reported production exceptions, original suppliers of components to the cars, a short summary of the people that were key to the developement and success of the MGTD/TF, Asia Pacific and European importers, variants of the MGTD, racing MGTDs, a section on accessories or dealer add-ons, a story on the impact that the MGTD made on the American sports car scene, factory and dealer documentation, the story of my own MGTD and finally pictures of the racing scene of MGTDs.

A Brief History of the MGTD

This page contains a very brief history of the MGTD. More in-depth information can be obtained from many books on the subject including those found in my book review pages.

Production Information

These pages contain production numbers, dates, and the time-line for various changes to the MGTD during its production run.

Noted Exceptions to Production Data

MGTDs were one of the last cars manufactured by Nuffield prior to the change over when incorporated with BMC. Up to that point few records on individual cars were kept and the production information is not as complete as on even the MGTF and later models. The information quoted in the production section is the best there is available but cannot be considered absolute. There may have been exceptions to this data. In this section I offer to you reported deviations to what is generally accepted as a production fact. These elements are generally unsubstantiated by any known factory data although some attempt has been made to ensure that they are true by myself or the reporting party. You decide for yourself if these deviations are factory originated or just a normal modification of that particular cars history.

MG Original Equipment Manufacturers

These pages contain brief information on the major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to MG during the period of the MGTD/TF.

The MGTD/TF in America

A short history on the MG TD's and TF's impact on the United States sports car scene during the early 1950's.

Key People{short description of image}

A short summary of the people that were key to the developement and success of the MGTD/TF.

Asia Pacific Importers / Dealers

These pages contain a small list of important Asia Pacific automobile importers and dealers during the era of the MGTD/TF.

European Importers / Dealers

These pages contain a small list of important european automobile importers and dealers during the era of the MGTD/TF.

Variants of the MGTD

A number of MGTD chassis' were sold to independent companies who outfitted them with custom bodies. In addition some MGTDs started out original, and then found their life drastically changed. These pages will describe some of the these.

Racing MGTDs

A selection of MGTDs modified or built solely for racing. Includes factory and hobbyist cars.

Aftermarket and Dealer Add-Ons

The aftermarket accessories for the MGTD where very popular, especially in the United States. Everything the factory forgot to include was immediately available to avid MG enthusiasts on both coasts by various third parties. Includes a mixture of pictures of items and period advertisements.

Factory and Dealer Documentation

These pages contain items that may have been included with the car from the factory or supplied by a dealer during the sale of the MGTD/TF. Also depicted is information that was utilized during the sale or delivery of the MGTD/TF and is supporting production.

The Story of MGTD 19629

This is the story of my own 1952 MGTD, #19629. This MGTD was purchased new by my father in November of 1952 and continues to be a part of our family. In the not to distant future this car will probably be passed on to a third generation of original ownership. Read the story of what makes this car special to me and my family.

The Racing Scene

A look at the racing scene during the production of the MGTD/TF.

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