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Factory and Dealer Documentation

These pages contain items that may have been included with the car from the factory or supplied by a dealer during the sale of the MGTD/TF. Also depicted is information that was utilized during the sale or delivery of the MGTD/TF and its supporting production.

Nuffield Facts for Salesmen

The collection of salesmen fact cards is used with permission from Nick Herwegh, the Netherlands.

From Nick: As you can see there were a number of pocket-size cards intended for use by Nuffield salesmen. Packed in a fake-leather pouch and containing "facts and figures" for the salesman to impress a would-be customer. The pouch has cards on every Nuffield car made in 1953 (it dates from May 1953) but I've only scanned the MG TD card.

Hambro Trading Company of America, Inc.

The images of the 32 page book was supplied to me by John F. Quilter of Eugene Oregon who is an automobile historian and a 32 year employee of British Leyland, Jaguar Rover Triumph, Jaguar Cars Land Rover North America. You can read more about John here.

List of Distributors and Dealers, January of 1953. It includes Morris, M.G., Riley, Rolls Royce and Bentley automobiles. The list includes Canda as an appendix and the dealers are listed by state with a code for each distributor.

Schedule of Repair, Upkeep and Adjustment Time Allowances

MG TD and MG YB "Schedule of repair, upkeep and adjustment time allowances" published by the Nuffield press July 1953. Supplied by Niek Herwegh.

M.G. Midget (Series TF) Schedule of Repair Times

Schedule of maximum time allowed for repairs. published by Nuffield Exports Ltd. April 1959. Supplied by John Chester Freeman.

MG Midget (Series TD) Illustrated List of Service Parts - Special Supplement

This is a 1955 supplement to the 1951 Issue 2. This covers all markets.

Service Information Sheets

The following are a collection of Service Information Sheets that were sent out as supplements to the workshop manuals as needed during the period of the MG TD/TF.


The following are blueprints for various parts of the MGTD.

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