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The Original MG TD Midget


The rest of this web site, like most others, is a bit passive. I present information. You look at it, and react accordingly. On these pages you will have to take a much more active role. The entertainment section is where you have a chance to see what knowledge you have absorbed from the other pages of this site, or to just sit back and have a little fun. There are quizzes and interactive games. I have also included some images that you may wish to use as wallpaper on your computer display, including the background used on this site. One interesting item is the pages on industry mistakes where we explore items that are supposed to be related to the MGTD. What were they thinking? On this same vein, but carried to the extreme, are the reproduction MGTDs. You have got to love those fiberglass spare tires that hide the VW engines. A mobile version of the Original MGTD Operation Manual is described. Remuddled MGTDs shows cars that we are not sure what inspired their owners to modify them. And there is also the humorous, and not generally real, amusing roles for MGTDs.

What Year Is It?

This is a simple game where I show you a picture and offer you one of the five (1949 -1953) production years as an answer. Scores will be tallied at the end. Judges decisions are final. Basis is what is presented within this site.

Note: This challenge takes a few minutes to load so be patient.

Is That Original?

Another challenge not unlike 'What Year Is It'. In this test of your skills I will show you various pictures of MGTD items. Your job is to identify if it is an original (factory or period accessory) or not. A simple True/False test. Yeah right. They are never simple and always have trick questions. For the rules the period of availability must be between 1949 and 1954.

Note: This challenge takes a few minutes to load so be patient.

Test Your MGTD Vocabulary

A multiple choice test in its finest hour. You've hated these since grade school. Why stop now. We have the ultimate test of terms MGTD.

Partial View

See if you can identify the item in question from this limited perspective.

MGTD Wallpaper

A collection of MGTD related wallpaper for your computer display.

How Many MG Logos Can You Find?

Can you find all the MG Logos on your MGTD that are listed here? If you find any more, let me know.

MGTD Industry Mistakes

From time to time various companies offer MGTD related materials that we all cherish and purchase. Most of the time these are of genuine quality and represent a valid representation of the mark. At other times the offering is so poor it must me assumed to be a mistake. On these pages I offer to you what I think are genuine MGTD mistakes. Maybe someday they will be collectors items.

Reproduction MGTDs

There is an old saying that imitation is the best form of flattery. I would say that may be true but only when the imitation is as good as the real thing. In most cases its more like an embarrassment. Anyway for your entertainment I have provided a few samples of imitators of the MGTD. I use the term Reproduction here very loosely.

Remuddled MGTDs

A name taken from the home restoration business meaning to ruin through muddling. Basically not restoring but reinventing which looses the original objects character, and probably worth too.

Amusing Roles for MGTDs

The following are pictures of amusing roles for the MGTD. Albeit most of these are in jest or simulations.

Cary Grant and Marilyn Monroe M.G. TD

In June of 2011 an M.G. TD reported to be used in the film "Monkey Business" staring Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers and Marilyn Monroe was auctioned for sale as part of a collection of movie memorabilia owned by Debbie Reynolds. The estimated value of the car at auction was $20,000 to $30,000. The car was sold for $210,000 plus $48,300.00 in buyer's premium + taxes, fees, etc.. Was the car that was auctioned the same car as was in the movie? That is the question that is posed on this web page. After reviewing the evidence presented I will let you decide.

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